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Travel Insurance Reviews AXA Assistance USA Gold

The AXA Assistance USA Gold plan offers travel insurance, travel assistance, and concierge benefits. It provides coverage for a variety of concerns, such as changes during your travel due to inclement weather, bankruptcy of a travel supplier, and much more.

Customers who have visited the United States Minor Outlying Islands rated the AXA Assistance USA Gold plan
2.71 out of 5
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AXA Assistance USA Gold
I would avoid AXA for your travel insurance needs.
We are extremely dissatisfied with the claims and appeal process with AXA. We will never use them again. We submitted our claim four times, the initial claim and three appeals. I can say that this company is not client friendly. They do not reach out, and if you make an appeal, they do not tell you what information is needed for review or clarification. From our experience, it was clear that they did not read our supporting documents, there was no personal contact with the person(s) reviewing the claim nor was that encouraged. You can speak with the marketing people, who will assist you in purchasing their coverage, but if you have a claim good luck.
Our claim was based on the damage and lack of access to the property because of 6 weeks of severe weather and flooding which occurred prior to our scheduled vacation. The flooding damaged the property and washed out roads preventing access for repairs. Yet, the insurance company chose to focus repeatedly on a contract provision that would allow them to deny the claim, rather than consider in our opinion all the factors that went into our making a claim.
The only bright spot in this entire process was the help and encouragement we received from working with a highly professional person at InsureMyTrip, (a company that provides a consumer rating service for travel insurance). This woman encouraged us to focus our frustration and continue to make our appeals providing more information and citing contract provisions to clarify our claims.
AXA’s management is very short sighted. They are difficult, impersonal, and drawn out in their dealings with insureds who make claims. It obvious they are not concerned with repeat business. Their marketing is all “sweetness and light” to get your money, then it is too bad when you make a claim. What would be refreshing is if they were honest enough to just say they are not selling fair and useful insurance, just a contract for the right to sue.
Michael T. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
  • Carol
    Thank you taking the time to submit your review with all the details. It is never a pleasant situation for a traveler to have a claim denied.

    As we previously discussed, Trip Cancellation would have reimbursed you if you had to cancel your trip due to a "Covered Reason" which would always be a reason specifically stated within the policy. If the reason you canceled your trip was not listed as a covered reason, then AXA would deny your claim. Since the rental owner reimbursed you for the rental expense when he canceled your reservation, your claim was originally submitted for airline costs only. In your claim, the property owner indicated that he had been unable to complete his remodeling due to road closures from seasonal rainstorms that would not allow vehicles into the area. Of course,remodeling would not have been a covered reason in any of our plans, so AXA denied your claim.

    Later we appealed your claim by requesting coverage under "(m) A cancellation of Your Covered Trip if Your arrival on the Covered Trip is delayed and causes You to lose 51% or more of the scheduled Covered Trip duration due to the reasons covered under the Trip Delay benefit...(e) Severe storms that cause a route closing validated by the National Weather Service records and local Department of Transportation records." Unfortunately the appeal was also justifiably denied since the house was under renovation at the time.

    We hope that you will someday reconsider purchasing a plan for a another trip. Although there is no plan that will cover everything, you now have a better understanding of Trip Cancellation coverage which will always work to your advantage when selecting the "best" policy.
    Apr 26,2017
AXA Assistance USA Gold
The true test of insurance is when you file a claim. Since my trip went off without a hitch (thankfully), I can't comment on how good this insurance was. It was easy to get, and I love insure my trip for that ease.
Brenda P. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
Claims not filed
Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
  • Crystal
    AXA Assistance USA
    Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear you had a trouble-free trip but were covered in the event the unexpected occurred. We look forward to providing travel protection for all of your future endeavors!
    Dec 12,2016
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