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TravelSafe Insurance has become the industry leader in travel insurance products through innovation, experience and excellent customer service. Since 1971, they have marketed and administered the most comprehensive policies available in the industry and lead the way in developing new solutions for the insurance needs of travelers.

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TravelSafe Classic
This was one of the rare occasions I have had to file a claim with travel insurance, and my experience was time consuming, frustrating, ultimately dissatisfying, and just plain awful. The dispute centered on a provision buried deep within the the policy language that required a contemporaneous written report of the incident in order to receive compensation. While I will not go into the details, in my case damage to a camera and lens occurred while staying in a rustic backpackers' lodge in a remote region of Borneo, where such formalities would be absurd. I did, however, make the management of the lodge aware of the incident verbally, and I also confirmed my account with them by e-mail after returning to the U.S. This documentation was provided to the insurer, but rejected as insufficient evidence that the damage occurred during the coverage period. In truth, the amount I was seeking -- $290 for repair of the camera and lens -- was not much more than the cost of the policy premium. I found the attitude of TravelSafe (and their claims agent TripMate) to be doctrinaire, inflexible and, frankly, sleazy. I had used TravelSafe on two previous occasions, but I will never use this company, or their underwriter, United States Fire Insurance Company, again.
Robert P. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
  • Melissa J.
    Thank you for your feedback on the policy. We appreciate you using InsureMyTrip for your travel insurance needs. We are sorry to learn that your property was damaged during your trip and are dissatisfied with this policy. The claims administrator is required to adjudicate claims based on the terms and conditions of the policy. With any travel insurance policy you would be required to have written documentation at the time of loss for damage to, or theft of your personal property. This will substantiate your claim and demonstrate that the event occurred while you were traveling. The following information can be found in the certificate of this policy:

    "Additional Claims Provisions Specific to Baggage: Your duties after loss of or damage to property or delay of baggage:
    In case of loss, theft, damage or delay of baggage or personal effects, You must:
    a) take all reasonable steps to protect, save or recover the property;
    b) promptly notify, in writing, either the police, hotel proprietors, ship lines, airlines, railroad, bus, airport or other station authorities, tour operators or group leaders, or any Common Carrier or bailee who has custody of
    Your property at the time of loss;
    c) produce records needed to verify the claim and its amount and permit copies to be made;
    d) provide to the Company, within 90 days from the date of loss, a detailed proof of loss signed and sworn to; and
    e) be examined, if requested."

    In the future, please consider calling us prior to purchasing a plan so that we can assist you in reviewing any specific concerns that you may have when you are selecting a travel insurance policy. Our toll free telephone number is 800-487-4722. We look forward to assisting you.
    Jan 29,2018
    • RobertP
      Thanks, Melissa. Believe me, I am now quite familiar with the provisions of the policy you have quoted, the reasons for them, as well as the reasons why my claim was denied.

      Please allow me to point out, however, that the phrasing of part (b) is unclear and open to interpretation.

      The clause requires that written notification be made to any one of a list of entities -- police, hotel, etc. -- "or any Common Carrier or bailee who has custody of your property at the time of loss." Does the qualifier, "who has custody of your property at the time of loss" apply only to Common Carriers and bailees? Or to the entire enumerated list? Bailees, by definition, have custody of your proprerty. That's what makes them bailees. Common Carriers have custody not only of your property, but also of your person for the duration of their carriage. So, qualifying only these two types of entities is superfluous. That would seem to imply that the qualifying phrase, "have custody of your property" applies to the entire list, not only Common Carriers and bailees.

      In my case, the hotel did not have custody of or control over my property at the time the damage occurred. It was in my hands and in my control. Therefore, the requirement of wriiten notification has been misapplied in this case, and insurance should've paid.

      I brought up this point with TripMate, but they didn't buy it. For my part, I paid $290 for repair of the camera and lens, with which I was very pleased -- Photo Tech on West 36th Street in Manhattan. I recommend them highly. I've moved on with life.
      Jan 29,2018
TravelSafe Classic Plus
Plan provisions were fine for our purposes. We were traveling to foreign countries where we had relatives and knew the localities fairly well. Because we would be away for a month, we needed something that included medical.We had one unplanned doctor's visit due to illness and the expenses were fully reimbursed. It took some weeks and some extra emails/faxes to get the required information across, but the reimbursement came eventually, so no complaints. I would have no problem using this plan again.
Denver T. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for a plan that is no longer available.
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