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With TravelSafe plans you are backed by a powerful, experienced customer service team that is available no matter where you are in the world. Both plans feature a 24-hour assistance hotline that allows you to get the answers you need, when you need them.


TravelSafe Insurance is a leader in travel insurance products through innovations, experience and excellent customer service. They have been developing and offering comprehensive travel insurance plans since 1971 to worldwide travelers.

At their Pennsylvania headquarters, they are constantly looking for ways to make their customers’ travel experience even more worry-free. One area of focus was developing a 24-hour travel assistance hotline for their customers.

This hotline allows insured travelers to call before and during their trip to receive assistance answering questions they may have regarding their plans, their travel destinations, and the claims process. TravelSafe's goal is to make every customers’ travel insurance experience as stress-free as possible.


  • In the business of travel insurance since 1971
  • Provides access to a 24-hour travel assistance hotline

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Better Business Bureau Rating
I have always received great rates for our travel needs. I just wish that you offered policies for multiple vacations in one year.
David B.
I did not need the insurance, which is the best option!. If I had, it did cover a pre-existing condition and that was what I was looking for. Looked like a great policy. I am a travel agent and sell a different policy. I purchased this one. Seemed like a better price with pre-existing condition coverage. Happy that I did not need to use it!
Cheryl T.
Please Note that all questions were required to be answered in order for this review to be accepted/posted whether having used the insurance plan services chosen, or not. My Comments: I didn't have to use the chosen insurance plan's services, and that's always great news! I do commend the excellent services of Insure My Trip. They recommended the TravelSafe Classic plan to me, and I trust their judgment.
Nilda F.
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