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With TravelSafe plans you are backed by a powerful, experienced customer service team that is available no matter where you are in the world. Both plans feature a 24-hour assistance hotline that allows you to get the answers you need, when you need them.


TravelSafe Insurance is a leader in travel insurance products through innovations, experience and excellent customer service. They have been developing and offering comprehensive travel insurance plans since 1971 to worldwide travelers.

At their Pennsylvania headquarters, they are constantly looking for ways to make their customers’ travel experience even more worry-free. One area of focus was developing a 24-hour travel assistance hotline for their customers.

This hotline allows insured travelers to call before and during their trip to receive assistance answering questions they may have regarding their plans, their travel destinations, and the claims process. TravelSafe's goal is to make every customers’ travel insurance experience as stress-free as possible.


  • In the business of travel insurance since 1971
  • Provides access to a 24-hour travel assistance hotline

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BUYER BEWARE The whole reason for trip insurance is when something goes wrong. We live in Michigan and fly out of Toronto and the borders are no closed. Travel Safe says that it is not a "quarantine" and is an isolation instead and will not honor their plan. I always buy trip insurance and NEVER use it. This company had high ratings and this should not be something that I should have to fight with them about. I would rethink if you want a company to stand behind their product and customer service. I will submit a claim and will update if they change the ruling.
Aaron A.
Unfortunately,  because of the Corona and as we are at risk due to our age, we had to cancel. We were advised that the insurance does not cover it,so obviously, we are not satisfied at all.
Roni B.
I bought a ticket on an airline that cancelled my flight and refunded the cost. However, that meant I was unable to use a second connection on a different airline to get to my final destination. I was told that cost would not be covered by the trip insurance. I was also told that the airline would not cover an earlier return to protect ourselves due to Corona 19. Once again It is impossible to foresee every eventuality and trip insurance actually covers very little.
Vicki U.
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