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Peter Evans

President & CEO
Sailor, tennis enthusiast, all-around sportsman, people person

When I graduated college with a degree in Politics, I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. Luckily, my first job was working with my uncle, learning the insurance business, and I knew after a few months that I absolutely loved it. What’s great is that there are industry folks now that are running insurance companies and agencies that I met back in the early 80's, and I still interact with them today. That’s neat.

The thing about me is that work is what I do, and I love the work, but I think it’s the stuff outside of the office that really makes a life. I’m extremely active – I think nothing about going to play tennis or golf after a long day of work. I’m nuts about both downhill and cross country skiing, which I try to fit in pretty much every weekend during the season, and I love to sail during the summer. A trifecta day for me would be golf in the morning, tennis in the afternoon, and an evening sail. That’s my perfect day. Oh, if I could tow a fishing line behind the boat and drum up a blue or a striper, that would be the cat’s meow!

I have a son in college, doing his thing – my role now is pretty much to send money as quickly as possible! – but he’s doing just what I did, enjoying himself and doing well. For my wife and me, it’s our time together and we’ve been planning trips for the two of us. We’re getting our time back and I’m loving it. This is all I could ask for.

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United States Travel Insurance Association (USTiA)

Member and past President

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