Top Tip for Booking a Cruise

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Sherri Eisenberg is one of our favorite travel reporters (she’s the one smiling to the right of Florence Henderson. The photo was taken during the Love Boat reunion cruise). This fun-loving cruise enthusiast writes about the latest cruise trends and deals for a variety of publications, including The Los Angeles Times and Fox News.

Her advice for cruisers:
“If you can book your trip well in advance, you’ll not only get first dibs at cabins, you’ll get the early-bird discount, which can be significant. If you don’t (or can’t book early) sometimes booking at the last minute can mean big savings, but you risk higher airfare and not getting your first choices.”

What’s trending:
“River cruising just keeps growing! Also, better and cheaper internet seems to be a biggie in 2015, which I am excited about.”

How to track her:
Sherri posts most of her articles on Twitter. You can also google “Sherri Eisenberg cruise” and find her latest headlines.

Fun fact:
During her time as a travel editor for a wedding publication, she got to tag along on dozens of honeymoons. She also wrote the Food Lovers’ Guide to Brooklyn.

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