Don’t Miss Out On Adventure Travel Over 50

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Adventure Travel Over 50

If you love to travel, you’ll probably never outgrow that. The love for the new, unknown and exciting is embedded in our bones. The thrill of experiencing a new culture, eating a local delicacy or the view from a new vantage point is not something travelers forget very easily.

If you are over 50, you won’t have to turn in your adventure shoes to experience the world. Whether you’re ready to hike the path less traveled in India or discover the hidden, nearly lost art in Italy, you can find an adventure to fit your dreams. There is so much more of the world to see – we promise!

Below, we’ve highlighted four of the top tour companies for travel over 50. If you have a favorite tour group that we missed – let us know!

The Road Scholar

A not-for-profit group that schedules educational trips around the world for travelers over the age of 50. They schedule trips for every activity level – from Easy to Challenge. You can experience the Shakespeare festival in Oregon or a walking and hiking tour through Southern Ireland. Whatever your activity level, Road Scholar takes care of all the trip details for you. All you do is sign up!


Not only ElderTreks the leading adventure travel company, but they are also the first in the nation to build tour programs for travelers over 50. Their tours are geared for a very mobile person who is beyond excited to see the hidden corners of the world – from the polar icecaps to the African safari. They build small group travel, but don’t worry about signing up alone. You’ll meet some outstanding people from around the world who will make your trip memorable.

Viking River Cruises

Looking for an adventure that is exciting, yet easy on the bones? You’ll want to check out the stunning cruise itinerary from Viking River Cruises. Although their trips aren’t exclusive to the 50+ age group, they cater to the adventure who enjoys a slow-pace adventure through a luxurious escape from reality. Cruising down the rivers of Europe, Russia, Asia and Egypt, you’ll be wrapped up in beautiful landscapes, rich history and a luxury experience.

Row Adventures

Kayaking the Sea of Cortez to Baja whale watch. A private safari in Namibia. Yachting in Turkey. Christmas cruise to Antarctica. Any of these striking inspiration in your traveling heart? If so, Row Adventure is the tour company for you. Their trip itineraries cover every corner of the globe and some can even be done privately – instead of with a small group. Not interested traveling out of the country? Row Adventures has adventure travel itineraries in the United States.

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