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Comprehensive Plans

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Comprehensive travel insurance plans offer the most benefits of all plan types. These plans provide the best protection for the investment you have made in your trip. They can be used for both leisure and business travel, which make them ideal for nearly every traveler.

In addition to trip cancellation, most comprehensive plans offer coverage such as trip interruption, baggage, medical, dental, emergency evacuation, 24-hour traveler assistance and accidental death benefits. These benefits are very common for comprehensive travel insurance plans, but they can vary per plan.

Some comprehensive plans offer additional coverage, such as rental car damage or financial default. Many plans have optional benefits you can add-on for additional premium like Cancel for Any Reason or a pre-existing condition waiver – but these can be time-sensitive to the date of your first trip payment. Cruise insurance is a specialized type of comprehensive plans that caters to those planning to take a cruise.

Coverage limits range greatly depending on the comprehensive plan that is purchased. By comparing the plans you can find the best plan for your budget and your specific travel needs.

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