The Red Rocks of Sedona: A Weekend Trip

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With kids on summer break, adults off from work, and warm weather, going away for a long weekend has become one of our favorite Summer traditions. This time of the year is perfect for loading up the car and taking the family on a road trip to a beautiful American destination.

This got us thinking about what our favorite domestic destinations are to spend a long weekend with family and friends. I immediately thought of my recent family vacation to Sedona, Arizona to attend a wedding. We spent 5 days in the area, with an assortment of things to do and beautiful sights to see.

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Whether you’d prefer relaxing by the pool or hiking along the Red Rocks, Sedona is the perfect road trip destination for this Summer. There are plenty of great restaurants to eat classic southern foods, as well as little shops all around the town that sell souvenirs that wouldn’t be found in other parts of the country. Red Rock State Park is open daily and is the perfect place for a peaceful family hike. It’s also essential to take the scenic drive to see the Grand Canyon, an attraction that no adult or child will soon forget.

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Sedona offers a small-town atmosphere that will surely remind you of home. You can immerse yourself in Southwestern culture throughout the day by stopping at the countless booths set up around town. Here, you will find booths selling handmade turquoise jewelry and knick-knacks depicting Kokopelli, the silhouette of a hump-backed flute player known around the region as the spirit of music. It’s a very friendly community that will make you want to come back for another long weekend.

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You’ll also be able to find some great food that you may not be accustomed to. For example, I tried dishes like biscuits and gravy, bison burger, cactus fries, and rattlesnake during my stay. Even though we may sometimes be hesitant to try new things like this, it’s important to understand and partake in some of the cultural staples of Arizona.

As a sports fan, I had to make sure I made the drive to Phoenix to watch an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game. I always have so much fun visiting the stadiums of different sports teams, and Chase Field is definitely one of my favorites. Tickets are also relatively inexpensive, so I would certainly recommend taking the family to a game in the perfect Arizona weather.

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If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a bit concerned about how hot it might get traveling to the South in the middle of the summer. However, heat did not play a factor during my trip because of the lack of humidity. Sure, it’s certainly hot outside in Sedona, but I wouldn’t consider the weather to be a reason to bypass an opportunity to spend a long weekend in such a beautiful town.

Matt Meagher is the 2016 Summer Marketing Intern at InsureMyTrip. He currently attends Bryant University and is entering his final year. Keep an eye out for more of his work on our blog and website this summer!

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