5 Spooky Travel Destinations for Fall

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By Matt Meagher

Now that the leaves are changing color, we’re fully immersed in football season, chilly weather, bonfires, and, of course, Halloween. This got us thinking about the spookiest travel destinations, both domestic and international. As you curl up to watch some scary movies, consider visiting these places to really get into the Halloween spirit.


Salem, Massachusetts

In 1693, the notorious Salem Witch Trials were held in this spooky little Massachusetts town when 26 women were put to death due to suspicion that they were witches. With this event in their history, Salem dedicates the entire month of October to Halloween, hosting several events throughout the month to emphasize their spooky past.

They host guided tours of haunted spots throughout town, as well as re-enactments of the infamous trials. You can even visit the Witch House Museum to learn more about what exactly happened in 1693. So if you’re looking to stay in a small, spooky town in October, Salem is the perfect place for this kind of holiday excitement.

new orleans voodoo

New Orleans, Louisiana

While New Orleans is always considered a great weekend getaway destination, the city is just as enticing during Halloween. New Orleans was the first US city that accepted voodoo into its culture. Once there, you can tour the Manchac Swamp, which is considered to be haunted by the spirits of those killed by a tidal wave there. Visiting an authentic voodoo shop will also add to your experience, as it brings a supernatural vibe to the city’s culture.

stanley hotel

Estes Park, Colorado

Anyone who calls themselves a fan of horror movies would certainly consider The Shining to be one of the scariest movies ever made. The movie is about a family who stays in an isolated hotel for an entire Winter, where evil spirits and other supernatural entities lead to violent episodes between family members. The movie was originally a book written by Stephen King, who got the idea for the story when he stayed in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

People who have stayed at the hotel insist that it’s haunted, including the hotel’s founder. They say that having a late night drink in the billiards room or the music room will increase your chances of seeing a ghost. Visiting the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park during the Halloween season is certainly something exciting to do for those seeking a thrill.

nyc parade

New York City, New York

While New York City is always a popular tourist destination, the city is especially enticing during the Halloween season. Greenwich Village hosts an amazing Halloween party every year, which include costumes, dancing, and a parade. The city also hosts a Crypt Crawl under the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, which will surely get your heart racing. There’s never a bad time to visit NYC, but visiting during October can be the most exciting time of your year.


Paris, France

While Paris is a fantastic travel option all throughout the year, the month of October is the perfect time to finally take the trip you’ve always dreamed of. After visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, check out the Pere Lachaise Cemetery and the Paris Catacombs. The cemetery is said to be haunted, as it consists of miles of tombstones. In the Paris Catacombs, tunnels are lined with human bones of millions of long-dead Paris natives. So not only is Paris a great vacation destination all year, traveling there during Halloween can really enhance your experience in a spooky, thrilling way.

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