Naturally, travelers can take two types of trips: domestic or international. While international trips may seem more “insurable”, a large number of travelers who purchase plans from InsureMyTrip are visiting domestic destinations. Your destination should affect the travel insurance plan you choose. Keep in mind, the information here is primarily for United States residents traveling in and out of the country.

Travel Insurance for USA Destinations

We think that all travel insurance coverage is important while traveling in the USA, but no one wants to hear us drone on and on about how much we love coverage. So we’ve picked out a few you’ll want to know about.

Medical Emergency Sent You to the Local Urgent Care

You may be thinking, “Hey - I have health insurance that will work across the nation.” We say, “Double check that.” With the drastic changes in healthcare over the last several years, you may not have as much coverage out-of-network as you think.

That’s where travel insurance may help. If your health insurance falls short and you need to pay out-of-pocket for medical treatment while traveling, your plan may cover the difference.

Our Travel Insurance Expert Says: Look for primary travel medical coverage when comparing plans if you are concerned about out-of-network costs with your health insurance.

Airline Lost or Damaged Your Luggage

In most cases, the baggage protection coverage on your travel insurance plan is secondary to any coverage the airline may give you - so check with them first. The baggage coverage attached to your comprehensive plan will help immensely reimburse the covered costs of purchasing the essentials if your baggage is lost or damaged during transit.

Flying to the East Coast for the weekend, but your luggage is in Houston? Your baggage coverage may help reimburse for the essentials you need like extra clothes or toiletries.

Bad Weather Delayed Your Connector Flight

It happens so commonly the news stations barely spend time on it anymore. Bad storm comes through the Northeast and disrupts flights across the country - now you’re stuck in O’Hare wondering how the airport chair could be any more uncomfortable. Stop torturing yourself.

Call your travel insurance company and make arrangements to stay in a hotel, have a nice dinner and a taxi ride back to the airport for your rescheduled flight. Yes, your travel delay coverage may help reimburse you for the additional expenses (if the bad weather that delayed your flight was unknown at the time you purchased your plan).

Our Travel Insurance Expert Says: Buy your travel insurance plan as soon as you place your first deposit on your trip. This may eliminate any potential reasons to not reimburse a claim and give you the most coverage.

Travel Insurance for International Destinations

When you are planning an international trip, there is a lot to consider. All coverage in a comprehensive travel insurance plan will help you travel with less worry of unexpected expenses, but these are just a few you really want to focus on.

A Medical Emergency Halts Your Trip

Nothing is scarier than having an emergency situation, but especially when you are traveling. How can a travel insurance plan help you if you do have a medical emergency when aboard? Reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses (because your health insurance most likely won’t cover you abroad) and offering assistance to arrange a medical evacuation if needed.

Most likely your health insurance will not cover you when you are overseas. With the right plan, your medical expenses could be covered. If you need to be transported home, a plan with evacuation will become essential to eliminating those drastic costs.

Our Travel Insurance Expert Says: Get all of your medical records, invoices and documents prior to leaving the medical facility. It’s going to be much harder to obtain these records when you are home and placing a claim.

This Trip Is Once in A Lifetime

When you’re planning a big trip, you don’t want to worry about cancelling. With the right plan, your trip cost may be covered up to 100% if you need to cancel for a covered reason. Don’t risk your bucket list trip. If you need to cancel (or need to leave early), you’ll want to know that you can get reimbursed for the trip cost and try to travel another time. It’s as simple as that.

Our Travel Insurance Expert Says: Buy your plan as soon as you put your first deposit on your trip! You’ll have more options for coverage and expand your reasons for cancellation (like bad weather or illness).

The World is a Scary Place

Unfortunately, not all plans cover terrorism or civil unrest. It is, however, becoming an increasingly popular request from our customers. When terrorist attacks occur in Paris, France and Munich, Germany, you become more aware to the potential risks you take when traveling to a foreign land.

Purchasing a plan with terrorism coverage is possible, but not for all destinations. Be sure to research your destination’s risk for civil unrest and terrorism. If you have concerns, read the certificate of the plan or call us to help understand the extent of the coverage.

Our Travel Insurance Expert Says: Although not all plans will cover terrorism, we do recommend you register your visit with the United States Embassy in the places you are traveling. If there is a concern when you are traveling, they will know how to check in.