The 1 Thing You Didn’t Know to do Before Taking Kids on an International Trip!

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International travel is amazing, and people of all ages should take the opportunity to board a plane and visit somewhere new and exciting.  Disney knows this, they have multiple international parks.  Nickelodeon has taken note too, and recently opened a resort in Punta Cana.

But what about taking the kids somewhere other than a cartoon themed resort? Paris, London, Tokyo, could all be wonderful destinations for young people. What about somewhere more exotic? How can you decide on a location that is both exciting and safe for children?

Luckily enough, InsureMyTrip has a resident Disney Expert, Melissa. She’s also had the opportunity to venture out internationally, accompanied by her children.

Melissa offered me what I consider to be the best piece of advice on taking the kids out of the country.

“Take a look at tour groups that cater to families with children. While you don’t have to book with them, review their itineraries. They’ve done their research, booked trips and have combed through their customers feedback on the destinations they offer.  If a city is on their itinerary, chances are it is a fine location to bring you children as well.”

Melissa continued with:

“Remind your children that other cultures may do things a bit different from our own, and that is what makes travel exciting! Don’t judge, and don’t be alarmed. Just try to take it all in and enjoy the moment.”

While you’re here, I’ve put together a small checklist of other things you’ll want to remember for your child’s international trip.

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