Do I need to buy a policy for everyone traveling? Are my kids included in this plan? What if my father is injured at home when I’m away? Can my girlfriend/boyfriend be on my plan too?

So many questions with such simple answers! Let us clear up something for you – for the most part, you can insure all the travelers on one plan. Our online quote tool allows you to insure up to 10 travelers at all ages. It is crucial you include the ages of all the travelers in the quoting process for them to be included in the policy coverage. Later, when you are ready to purchase, you will put more detailed information.

Each provider and each plan has a different way of addressing types of travelers and non-travelers. It’s crucial you understand how your policy covers each person on the trip. If you have to file a claim at any point, this information will help the process remain stress-free.


Insuring your kids is worth it. Kids are wacky with wild imaginations that sometimes result in scrapes, bruises or even broken bones. Not to mention, they are germ magnets! Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, adding your children to your travel insurance plan will add a level of security to your travel investment that may be the most at risk. Don’t let another ear infection cost you hundreds of dollars in rescheduling or cancellation fees!

Huge Benefit: Many providers have plans that cover your children FOR FREE.


I hate to break it to you – you’ll most likely need two plans. While some providers may have the ability to sell plans to residents of different states, it’s rare. Most states have their own strict regulations for travel insurance. This can keep travelers who live in different states from being on the same policy.

Huge Benefit: Any necessary claims process will be streamlined, because you won’t need to gather documentation across state lines.


If you are traveling with a girlfriend or boyfriend that you live with, you can both be covered on the same policy. Most providers include a domestic partner as a family member. Typically, in the case of a claim, providers may request proof of co-habitation and financial interdependence (credit card statements, joint accounts or a shared lease agreement). In some cases, providers may want to see an affidavit of domestic partnership if recognized by your state.

Huge Benefit: This documentation also can extend benefits if a domestic partner is a non-traveler.


Remember, coverage and benefits extend to only travelers. Your travel medical coverage will not help a non-traveler and they cannot file a claim for lost baggage. Your travel insurance policy does, however, cover you for travel interruption, cancellation or delay in the case of a non-traveler causing this need. For example, if one of your parents falls and breaks their hip or your child becomes ill. Each provider and subsequent plan covers various reasons, so be sure to understand each of these benefits for non-travelers affecting the trip. Also, it may be prudent to ask about how pre-existing conditions affect this benefit as many providers look at this differently for travelers and non-travelers alike.

Huge Benefit: You can get home as soon as possible without worry about your travel costs if are needed at home due to illness or death of a family member.