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Scary Vacation Spots for Halloween Enthusiasts

Halloween is almost here! Have you found the spooky spirit? Allow InsureMyTrip to help inspire your inner ghoul. No Salem, or Winchester House on this year’s list of spooky vacations. They’re both great, but let’s think SCARY!

Jacob’s Well, Texas 

Jacobs Well in Texas

Texas is hot, but the cold water of Jacob’s Well has lured victims to its depth for centuries. Take the daring dive from a nearby ledge, but aim carefully. The opening to this well is only a mere measure of yards and plunges you to depths over 100 feet. Jacob’s Well has claimed the life of more than one explorer, but are you bold enough to venture below the surface?

Marshall House, Georgia 

Marshall House in Georgia

Savanah may be the most haunted city in America. The whole area is rich in history, war, and rebuilding. The Marshall House was used as a hospital during the Civil War, and then again as a place of refuge and treatment during two yellow fever outbreaks. There are horror movies with the same plot!  You can imagine how October would be a busy time for the hotel, but you just may find yourself in luck. The scariest part may be the rates, which are spine-tinglingly affordable.

The Catacombs, Paris 

Paris Catacombs

Six million souls line the walls and chambers of these famous Paris tunnels, many resting only feet below the busy streets above.  You never know who, or what, you’ll find! Police discovered a movie theater in one of the caverns, equipped with a real cinema screen, seating and projection equipment. The source of its electrical power, along with the identity of those guilty, remain unknown.

Get out there and have a frightfully good time! Halloween only comes once a year, so pick one of these spooky vacations to celebrate.

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