5 Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Travel

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The holidays are filled with some of the most joyous and grand songs ever penned! Right away, you can tell they were not written in an airport by an artist who has been delayed for 12 hours on Christmas Eve.

For those of us who travel over the holidays, how can we keep our season merry and bright? These 5 tips for taking the stress out of holiday travel should help.

Make your list and “TSA Pre-Check” it twice.

This tip has appeared on a few InsureMyTrip articles, but if you’ve ever said “There is no way that I will make it through this line in time to make my flight, and I’m here early!” than TSA Pre-Check is for you. You’re probably too late to apply for this holiday season, but you should get his done!

Tell your little “sugar-plum fairy dreamers” what to expect!

Kids love surprises, like opening gifts on Christmas morning. They don’t like surprises like long lines, security screenings and waiting. If there is one thing about holiday travel that will melt your little one to a crying puddle of anger flopping on the floor, it is the waiting. Let them know what to expect, and how they have special privileges like extra iPad use or a favorite movie to watch to accompany them on this voyage.

The early bird catches the candy cane?

I know, I just told you how waiting will drive younger traveler’s nuts, but be early. This is just as much for you as it is for them. Standing in long lines will be a challenge, but fearing that you will not make your flight will only add to the stress levels. Remember, the earlier a flight is in the day, the better the chances are that you’re departing on time.

Bring the holiday cookies

You’ll be early, waiting, and hungry. Don’t get “hangry,” a term we use for anger caused by hunger with nothing good to eat! Bring snacks, lots of glorious snacks. It’ll keep smiles on faces, and will help pass the time.

Let those curbside skycaps load the sled.

Checking baggage? Don’t pass up the chance to drop your luggage with the airline’s skycaps who work curbside at many airport departure gates. They can check your bags and print your boarding passes, faster than the overwhelmed airline desk attendants inside.  All it costs is a small tip, and it IS the season for giving…

Did I miss a tip? Add your survival tactic in the comments below!

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