What to Expect from a 2018 Cruise!

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Wave season is here! The itineraries are set, and ships are filling up. The cruise industry is always full of innovative ideas and intriguing experiences to heighten the thrills their boats offer travelers as they cruise from port to port. Here are three trends we are happy to see for our 2018 cruisers!

Virtual reality at sea!

The launch of robotic bartenders has been highly debated by travelers. Some love the experience of witnessing the perfect pour and having their martini shaken by a giant hydraulic arm. Yet, there remains a crowd that looks past the novelty and longs for the face to face interactions between cruiser and bartender. Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean are ready to take this to new levels, as they prepare to launch virtual dining experiences.


As you sit at your dining table, with a virtual headset on, you’ll taste and enjoy the culinary masterpieces you’ve grown to expect on a cruise. However, each bite is a trigger to your virtual surroundings, changing the scenery surrounding you and taking you to (virtual) destinations distinguished by and significant to your cuisine. You’ll still be able to converse with your dinner party and share these experiences together, but will you eventually long for a traditional fare? Time will tell.

Cruises for wellness & fitness enthusiasts!

Have you ever spent weeks leading up to your cruise trying to get beach body ready? We run, tan and diet only to look good poolside before we hit the buffets and undo all our hard work.


MSC Cruises understands that fitness and exercise are an essential way of life for many travelers, and have teamed with Technogym to offer travelers a package designed to meet the healthy aspirations of fitness-focused cruisers. Cruisers can now gain private access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment, comprehensive one-on-one health assessments, and enroll in personalized fitness programs accompanied by a selection of healthy food and drink options.

The launch of 27 new ships!

Cruising continues to be a growing industry, with over 25 million vacationers hitting the seas this year! To meet the demands, the industry is prepared to launch over two dozen ships of various sizes and brands. That’s great news for all you cruisers who love to board the newest vessel on the water.


What trends and new experiences have you excited for this wave season? Share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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