During the holiday season people don’t want to think about having their travel plans changed last minute. The holidays are stressful enough; why would you want to exacerbate that with travel concerns. Having travel insurance for your holiday trip can alleviate a lot of that undue stress, especially when it comes to travel delays.

If you are a regular holiday traveler, you are well versed in the craziness that is travel around Thanksgiving. It is well known to be the most congested weekend of travel throughout the year. The lines at the airports are longer, the frustration of travelers is greater and the cost of travel is much higher. Amongst all this you do not want to worry about extra expenses due to travel delay.

If you invest in comprehensive travel insurance, your trip will be protected by some level of travel delay coverage. So if your flight, bus or train is delayed for any covered reason (these are listed in the plan’s certificate), you are eligible for reimbursement for covered expenses due to that delay. This can include food, a night in a hotel and taxi fare to and from the airport. Some plans may even include reimbursement for an extra night at the kennel for your pet.

Big picture? If your flight delay is due to a technical issue or a weather concern for minimum time allotted by the travel insurance plan, you really do not need to sleep on the floor in the terminal! You can call the travel insurance company’s 24-hour assistance phone number to help find a hotel that is close and within the coverage limit of your plan. Just remember to save all your receipts!

Each plan may have a different coverage amount available. Don’t worry, that amount is generally per traveler - not per plan. This means that if the plan has a $500 coverage limit, a family of four could be eligible for reimbursement up to $2,000 (a maximum of $500 per person). There may also be a per day limit shown; those details should be listed within the plan certificate as well. If you have any concerns or questions on a specific plan, before or after purchase, you can always ask our licensed experts.

So, while having travel insurance can’t part the lines at the security checkpoint, it can help to alleviate the burden of unplanned expenses and allow for reimbursement in the case of travel delay this holiday season.