2016 Cruise Report: InsureMyTrip Expects Increased Demand

Last updated on 03/28/2023

WARWICK, R.I., Feb. 1, 2016 -- InsureMyTrip, the nation's leading travel insurance comparison website, expects demand for travel insurance to grow for cruises and are already seeing a steady increase in 2016, as more travelers are booking cruise vacations. The number of cruisers purchasing travel insurance in January increased 10 percent over the same month last year, according to InsureMyTrip. The jump comes as "wave season" begins — the period from January to March, when cruise lines offer deals and promotions.

"The data suggests that more cruisers are seeking to protect their trip investment with travel insurance and seeking products that are geared specifically for their needs. We anticipate this buying trend will continue, as travelers are now taking advantage of wave season deals and booking their next cruise," said Jim Grace, CEO of InsureMyTrip.

According to a 2015 InsureMyTrip cruise travel survey, 800 U.S. respondents revealed a growing need for additional coverage benefits to address travel inconveniences. The most common complaints from cruisers included:

Shipboard service disruptions
Example: When a fire, mechanical breakdown, or virus disrupts a cruise.

Port of call change
Example: when a cruise line changes an itinerary prior to departure due to weather or other circumstances.

Medical issues while traveling
Example: when a cruiser falls ill or is injured and requires emergency medical care while traveling.

In response, more insurance providers offered by InsureMyTrip are now offering additional benefits to address these types of travel inconveniences most commonly experienced by cruisers.

"There is some excellent product innovation being brought to the market now which is addressing the specific needs of cruisers," said Lynne Peters, insurance product manager for InsureMyTrip.

"Insurance providers such as Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company are now providing shipboard service disruption, port of call change and pre-paid excursion reimbursement benefits. InsureandGo, another one of our providers, is also now offering a ship to shore evacuation benefit, to name just a few."

For more information on types of plans available, visit InsureMyTrip.com or contact a licensed travel insurance agent at 1-800-590-2650.

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