Top Reasons Travel Insurance Claims Are Delayed or Denied

Last updated on 03/28/2023

WARWICK, R.I., June 14, 2018 -- In an effort to help travelers better understand travel insurance and the claims process, InsureMyTrip announces the most common reasons why claims are typically delayed or denied, based on industry data. The results suggest that travelers who closely review their policies and are mindful of claim documentation requirements prior to departure are more likely to experience positive outcomes.


  • Avoid claim processing delays by gathering all paperwork and documentation in advance. Obtain any claims-related medical documents and/or police reports prior to returning home.
  • Understand travel insurance policy language prior to trip departure.
  • Buy travel insurance early to boost eligibility for time-sensitive benefits and ensure trip cost is accurate.
  • Expect claim processing delays following major travel events, like hurricanes.

Based on industry data, these are the most common scenarios why a claim is denied or delayed and tips for avoiding these outcomes:

Claim Issue Tip
Reason for canceling a trip is not covered under policy. Review the policy with a licensed travel insurance expert prior to purchase. Check covered perils and exclusions.
Pre-existing medical condition not covered under policy. Request a plan that includes a pre-existing medical conditions waiver. This is a time- sensitive benefit that is available when all eligibility requirements are met.
Failed to meet definition of being sick or injured under policy terms. Ask physician to provide insurance company with details about treatment, medical conditions and prognosis. Read policy for specifics on what may qualify as an illness or injury.
Does not meet required timeframe for a flight delay. timeframe for a flight delay. Review policy with a licensed travel insurance expert prior to purchase for clarification on benefits. A travel delay must be for a certain number of hours and varies by plan.
Missed paperwork, inaccurate information, or wrong claim form submitted. Follow instructions on claim form and forward all requested documentation. Contact the travel insurance company immediately after an issue arises. Save all paperwork related to the trip. Expect to provide receipts and a complete travel itinerary for any claim. Claims typically take a minimum of 30 days to process.
Failed to seek medical treatment after becoming ill or injured during a trip. Seek treatment prior to returning home and save all medical documentation.

In addition to the release of the claims data, InsureMyTrip also moves to expand its award-winning Anytime Advocates© program that provides claims assistance and educational resources for travelers following a surge in travel insurance claims in 2017.

Since the program began nearly a decade ago, Anytime Advocates© has saved policyholders over $1,150,000, marking a significant industry milestone that highlights the value and need for professional claims assistance and dispute resolution services for travel insurance policyholders. Over 90 percent of claims advocacy customers have been satisfied with the outcome.

All travelers that purchase a policy through InsureMyTrip have access to Anytime Advocates© and the following services:

Claims Assistance — Receive expert advice on how to navigate the claims process and file a claim properly with your travel insurance provider.

Dispute Resolution — Anytime Advocates© will check the status of a claim. If a claim is denied, an advocate will work on behalf of the customer to learn why or to help with the appeal process.

Over ninety percent of InsureMyTrip claims advocacy customers were satisfied with the outcome.

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