2024 Wave Season Begins, InsureMyTrip Reports Record Demand

Last updated on 01/11/2024

WARWICK, R.I., Jan. 10, 2024 -- Wave season has just begun and already InsureMyTrip is reporting record policy sales for cruises setting sail in 2024.

In the last three weeks in December, travel insurance policy sales for cruises hit numbers not seen since before the pandemic.

While experiencing this resurgence, the cruise industry is pulling out all the stops in 2024 - with new and improved boats, offers, and destinations catering to travelers of any age.

So, to help travelers find the best deals and make the most informed decisions when booking a cruise in the new year, the experts at InsureMyTrip have some advice.

5 Tips for Planning a Cruise in 2024

1. Take Advantage of "Wave Season" Deals

Expect deals available across cruise lines during Wave Season – which is usually January – March. You can find savings on packages, cabin upgrades, onboard credits, gratuities, and more.

2. Choose the Right Cruise Ship

Browse different cruise lines and ships to find the one that best suits your preferences, budget, and travel style. Each ship offers unique amenities, activities, and atmosphere.

  • Traveling with children? Find a ship that offers water slides or kid-friendly activities.
  • Looking to relax? Consider a ship with a great spa.
  • Plan on working while cruising? Look for a ship with reliable Wi-Fi.

Cruise lines are constantly coming out with new ships with more amenities – so the options are endless.

3. Consider the Itinerary and Shore Excursions

Check out the destinations and ports of call offered by cruise lines and choose a cruise that includes stops at places you'd like to explore.

Same goes for shore excursions. Look for excursions that match your travel style and activity level. It's also important to book your excursions in advance to secure your spot and often save money.

4. Check Passport Requirements

Many cruises have ports of call outside of the United States, so ensure your passport is valid. Keep in mind - as travel numbers begin to tick up, it may take longer for passports to be processed.

However, if you don't have a passport – you can still take a cruise. A closed-loop cruise, for example, departs and ends in the same U.S. port, and in most cases, you don't need a passport.

5. Consider Travel Insurance – But Don't Just Check the Box

Travel insurance can be especially important when booking a cruise because of its multi-leg nature.

If the cruise travels out of the country, we recommend emergency medical coverage because most domestic health insurance plans will not cover medical bills overseas. Emergency medical is usually included in a Comprehensive Plan – which also includes coverage for trip cancellation, flight delay, baggage loss/damage, and more.

To find the right plan, do your research and don't just check the travel insurance box on a cruise line website. These plans may not cover what you think they will.

InsureMyTrip researchers analyzed popular cruise lines and found while many offer basic travel insurance perks, few cruise lines offer robust trip cancellation insurance or expansive emergency medical care coverage. You can compare cruise line and third-party travel insurance on our new and improved "Insuring Your Cruise" page on InsureMyTrip.com.

Our travel insurance experts are available for interviews regarding deeper insights into cruise coverage and how to find the right policy.

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