CSA Travel Protection

"CSA is always very helpful with correspondence and answering questions regarding our customers' trips."
-- Michael, IMT Customer Care

Since 1991, CSA has been providing value-driven travel insurance to domestic and international travelers.

  • Underwritten by Generali U.S. Branch
  • Backed by CSA's Customer Commitment to provide superior products and services, attentive customer care, and personalized claims handling

We offer the following plans from CSA:

  • Custom (offers basic coverage plus a Pet Return Service, a nice feature for those who travel with pets)
  • Custom Luxe (expands on the Custom plan with the addition of accepting Pre-Existing Conditions when certain requirements are met)

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  • Economical
  • Includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage
  • Includes Missed Connection Coverage
  • Includes Concierge Services
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Custom Luxe

  • Higher benefit limits than the Custom plan
  • Pre-Existing Condition exclusion does not apply if certain requirements are met
  • Optional Trip Cancellation for Any Reason
  • Emergency assistance services and concierge services
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Latest Reviews

CSA Travel Protection
Custom Luxe
I mainly buy travel insurance for the medical coverage and the evacuation benefits. Given how much I'm already paying for the trip a number of the things that are included (like trip interruption) I could probably just as well pay for myself. I would like to see more a la carte options where I can pick and choose the sort of things I want covered. I didn't file a claim, so I can't speak to this policy's coverage. It was price competitive and provided a higher level of medical and medical evacuation coverage for the same price as others I compared.
Diane B.
CSA Travel Protection
We have aging parents so we wanted the security of insurance. Fortunately, we had nothing to worry about. However, on a previous trip we had bought insuremytrip and we did have a claim. One never knows what might happen so -- better safe than sorry!
Sandra D.
CSA Travel Protection
i was ill before leaving on my trip and thought I might have to cancel but fortunately didn't have to. It was comforting to know I was protected had that been necessary. The comparison service provided by Insure my Trip is a great resource for researching my options. Thank you!
Madeleine H.
CSA Travel Protection
It was nice to know that I am covered for most scenarios in case I need it, but luckily I did not. This plan covers more that those offered by the airline booking and the price is about the same. It pays to shop around!
Lily G.
CSA Travel Protection
I've used CSA a number of times I find the cost competitive and I found that of two claims I had over a number of trips they have been very quick to settle. I will continue to use CSA in the future.
Eugene M.
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Customer questions


Do you offer plans that cover only trip cancellation, delay &/or interruption? We do not need coverage for medical, dental, evacuation, baggage, etc. for an upcoming trip inside the USA.


The Comprehensive Package Plans are the only plans we offer that include Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption. There is no way to remove the benefits you do not need, such as medical and evacuation.
Customer Care insureMyTrip
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