2024 Group Travel Trends

Last updated on 05/20/2024

If you're a travel agent, chances are you've been researching group travel trends. After all, group travel showed some of the fastest recovery across region post-COVID, according to ForwardKeys' 2023 report, and the U.S. Travel Association has reported 9% growth in demand for group accommodations in the States.

With that in mind, we're helping all the travel agents out there come up with great vacation ideas for your clients by collecting our top 2024 group travel trends and putting them right here for you to use.

Private Retreats

It may have become popular during the pandemic, but private vacation bookings are proving to have staying power into 2024, and possibly beyond. These types of getaways can look like anything from fifty something couples booking European cottages in the off-season (more on those below) to a girls’ trip meant to renew relationships or form new, lasting bonds.

When responding to requests for private retreats, you may be able to make your recommendations more enticing by suggesting trending vacation spots, like Santorini for that girls’ trip, or skiing in France for the European cottage couple, if they like to stay active. In addition, be aware that clients who want a private getaway for their group could also be looking for spas, yoga retreats, or other forms of wellness tourism (which Forbes is projecting to increase over 20% in the next two years).

Destination Concerts

A certain pop star swiftly sold-out arenas nationwide, making it almost impossible for superfans to buy affordable tickets. And she's not the only one. That's why music lovers are realizing it may be more worthwhile to travel abroad to see their favorite acts: for the price of only a concert ticket in the U.S., they're finding they can both go to the show and enjoy a cool trip. Locations for these big, one-off shows could be in trending vacation spots like London or Stockholm, but clients may also ask for help planning trips to music festivals in less popular locales.

When helping clients tap into one of this year’s most buzzy group travel trends, remember that they may be centering their trip around the show, but the thing that will make them feel like they had a good time are the experiences they share together. You can help them have a good time by familiarizing yourself with accommodations near the show when a request comes through. Depending on the clients' needs, be ready to suggest something budget-friendly (because they did just drop a lot on those concert tickets), as well as something more deluxe if they're treating the getaway like a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Rise of the Shoulder Season

We mentioned non-peak season travel earlier, and now we're getting into it. Beginning in 2023, reports came out indicating that shoulder season trips were on the rise. Key Data Dashboard, for example, noted a 10% increase in vacation rental demand from previous years, and TravelPulse seeing that more freedom to travel, due to remote work, was leading to a doubling of the volume of flights travelers were taking in September 2023.

With groups looking to plan travel throughout the year, you can be ready to respond by researching itinerary recommendations for trending vacation spots. Year-round, top destinations like Spain, Milan, and more have cultural festivals, museum exhibits, or holidays that tourists can immerse themselves in. Familiarizing yourself with activities that come up in the typical off seasons can help you stay prepared to make vacation suggestions that clients trust.

And since you'll be thinking of ideas for shoulder season travel, which could be more affordable for clients vacationing with family and friends, you may want to suggest that they research something else that may be able to help their finances: cost-effective travel insurance.

Speaking of Which...

When your clients are traveling with their family and friends, they want to focus on the activities, the memories, the relaxation, and the fun—not the problems that could come up on the trip you helped them plan so well. That’s why a group travel insurance policy may be a great option for them to consider. With the right policy for their group, they may be able to protect themselves financially from flight cancellation, lost or damaged luggage, needs for medical assistance, and more.

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