Best Beach Destinations 2023

Last updated on 05/02/2023

With summer around the corner, couples and families will be searching for the ultimate beach destination. Families may look for destinations with highly rated family-friendly hotels and high-quality family attractions, and they may be more concerned with how safe an area is. Couples will likely be looking for a romantic getaway and destinations with adult-only hotels, high-quality romantic attractions, and highly rated, fine-dining restaurants.

We used three unique metrics to judge our family-friendly destinations, these are the quality of family hotels, the quality of family attractions, and area safety. We also used three unique metrics to rank our romantic beach destinations, like the number of adult-only hotels, quality of romantic attractions, and the quality of fine-dining restaurants.

At InsureMyTrip we analyzed 62 popular beach destinations across these data points to find out what the best beach destination is, whether you’re traveling as a family or planning a romantic vacation with your partner.

Rank Destination / Country Country Overall
1 Corfu,Greece Greece 9.41
2 Corsica,France France 9.12
3 Antalya,Turkey Turkey 9.07
4 French Polynesia,French Polynesia French Polynesia 9.04
5 Benidorm,Spain Spain 9.03
6 Dubai,UAE UAE 9.01
7 Crete,Greece Greece 9.00
8 Cagliari,Italy Italy 8.93
9 Gozo,Malta Malta 8.92
10 Brac,Croatia Croatia 8.87

Best Family-Friendly Beach Vacation Destinations

All our destinations received high overall scores, with the best family-friendly beach destination awarded to Corfu, Greece. Corfu received an overall score of 9.41, with high scores across all our metrics, unsurprising given it is one of the most popular destinations in Greece.

In second place: Corsica, France. The Mediterranean island just off the coast of mainland Europe scored 9.12 overall. It's rated the second safest destination on our list with a safety score of 82/100, only beaten by Shirahama, Japan which scored 84/100. Our third best family beach destination is Antalya, Turkey, with an overall score of 9.07.

The remaining destinations in our top 10 are French Polynesia (9.04), Benidorm, Spain (9.03), Dubai, UAE (9.01), Crete, Greece (9), Gozo, Malta (8.92) and Brac, Croatia (8.87).

The best destinations for family hotels are Cagliari, Italy (9.18/10), Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica (9.09/10), and Brac, Croatia (9.01/10). Our best destinations for family attractions are Merida, Mexico (4.64/5), San Diego (4.63/5), and Crete, Greece (4.58/5). The safest destinations in our research are Dubai, UAE (84), Corsica, France, and Crete, Greece, all scoring 82.

How Does the USA Rank for Beach Destinations?

We included 10 beach destinations within the U.S. in our research and pulled out their rankings for family-friendly and romantic beach vacations.

The highest-ranking U.S. destination for a family beach vacation is the Florida Keys with an overall score of 8.73 (19th in overall score), it’s also ranked the safest destination in our United States list with an overall safety rating of 74.

We then have Honolulu in 29th (8.5 overall score), Ocean City in 31st (8.49), Galveston in 36th (8.73), Coney Island in 46th (8.09), Myrtle Beach and Los Angeles in 47th (8.07), San Diego in 49th (8.03), San Francisco in 57th (7.59), and Miami in 58th (7.45).

Our highest-ranking romantic destination in the U.S. is Myrtle Beach, scoring 7.73 overall. Myrtle Beach has the weakest ocean current out of our American destinations at just 0.1 m/s.

The remaining romantic U.S. destinations are Honolulu in 34th (7.73 overall score), Florida Keys in 40th (7.71), Los Angeles in 44th (7.66), Coney Island in 45th (7.45), Ocean City in 51st (7.36), San Diego in 52nd (7.31), Galveston in 53rd (7.18), San Francisco in 54th (7.08), and Miami in 58th (6.85).


Overall, there are many great places to visit for your summer vacation this year, whether you want a memorable trip for your kids or a relaxing couple's getaway. For families, we’d recommend Corfu and for couples, we’d recommend Bali. Although if you want a vacation with a bit of both, we recommend the Greek islands. Crete came 7th in our family-friendly table and 3rd in our romantic table and Corfu ranked 1st for families and 10th for couples.


Each data point consists of the latest research available from reputable sources. For the ‘Overall’ tab the data was standardized using minmax normalization. The minmax normalization value is multiplied by 10 to create a score (between 1-10). A score of 10 is always the best result, while a score of 0 is the worst. Each city is then ranked on their overall average rating across all data points from city-level data.

InsureMyTrip isolated each data point in addition to giving an overall category score. This will give families or couples an opportunity to target destinations for individual points (e.g. quantity of family attractions, ocean current strength or quality of fine dining restaurants). Alternatively, the “Overall” category score gives a general view of which destinations will allow you and the rest of your family to create the perfect lifetime memories.


Quality of Nearby Beaches

According to the Google Places API, all data was collected using web scraping software.

Sea Temperature

The average max sea temperature across a whole year.

Lowest Wave Height

The mean significant wave height for each destination.

Weakest Ocean Current Strength

The ocean current strength for each destination.

Family-Friendly Beach Sources

Area Safety

All data was taken from the Numbeo Safety Index 2023, based on tourist surveys, the closer to 100 a destination ranks the safer it is.

Quality of Family Hotels

Average rating of 25 hotels for a family of four with “Top Family Picks” filter on

Quality of Family Attractions

Average rating of attractions in ‘Kid-friendly attraction’ filter on Wanderlog.

Romantic Beach Sources

No. Adult Only Hotels

The number of ‘adult only’ hotels listed on Travel Myth

Quality of Romantic Attractions

Average rating of attractions in ‘Romantic attraction’ filter on Wanderlog.

Quality of Fine Dining

Average rating of fine dining restaurants on Google Maps