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AIG Travel Travel Guard Preferred

The AIG Travel Guard Preferred plan is a comprehensive travel plan with superb coverage and service from start to finish.

Perfect for families and international travelers. No matter where you explore, travel insurance is a smart idea. And the Preferred Plan is a popular plan for good reason. You’ll not only get 24/7 travel assistance services, but amazing coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost or delayed baggage, and medical evacuations. Travel Guard has over 30 years of experience and has covered millions of travelers. The Preferred Plan delivers the coverage you’re looking for.

This plan includes family coverage – one child age 17 and under, who is booked to travel with and is related to the primary adult named on the enrollment form, is included in the rates for each paying adult. (Offer does not apply to optional coverages. The child’s trip cost must be equal to or less than the adult traveler(s) trip cost).

For complete coverage information and exclusions, please refer to the Policy of Insurance for your state of residence prior to purchase. Policy may not be available in all states.

Coverages and Plan Info

Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

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Plan Type
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Available to
U.S. Residents
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Accidental Death

24-Hr Full Coverage
Common Carrier
Included in Accidental Death 24-Hour
Flight Only


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AVOID TRAVEL GUARD AND AIG INSURANCE CO We bought AIG Travel Guard to cover our flights and rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. Our Airline (American) cancelled our flight at midnight, 8 hrs prior to departure, and couldn’t offer same day departure on another flight. We had to buy new tickets on a different airline in order to arrive in time to depart on our rafting trip. After 6 months of trying, both the ticket agent and the airline refused to refund us for the full cost of our original tickets and the additional cost of last minute booking on a different airline. We turned to AIG for coverage and our claim was denied because they said the airline cancelling your flight is not a covered reason if it occurs prior to your trip - even 8 hours prior when you have no other options. The policy will cover you if your pet gets sick and you miss your trip, so a sick hamster will get your money back but not an airline cancelling your flight. Wouldn’t you think travel insurance would cover the airline cancelling your flight before covering a sick hamster? AIG’s Travel Guard doesn’t. Furthermore, our claims experience was a complete disappointment. First, we submitted all required documents with our claim. About 4 weeks passed and then AIG asked for all the documents again. We responded that we had submitted everything with the original claim and asked for clarification on what they were missing. There was no response and then several more weeks of silence went by and we received our denial. All the communications we received from AIG end by saying to please call with any questions. So, we called to speak with someone about our claim. The person who answered was clearly reading from a script and was incapable of providing anything other than the scripted answer. This was evident because we were read the same scripted answer multiple times. We then asked to speak with the adjuster about our claim and were promised a call. That call never came. We did read the policy prior to purchasing it and consider the policy language vague at best. The average person would have significant difficulty knowing whether a potential travel issue would be covered under this product, and there are scenarios like ours that could affect your trip but that you wouldn’t think to ask about ahead. Except for your hamster suddenly becoming ill - that’s covered, no need to ask. We also think could do a better job of pointing out common travel issues that aren’t covered, and that this should be part of the comparison tool.
Dallas V.
We buy AIG Travel Guard for each cruise and so far haven't had to use it, but feel comfortable that it's there.
Catherine H.
March 5, 2023: Since filing a claim my wife, Gail, has done the following: Initial claim: November 2022; had to get a agent to help get a claim number on line and December 13, 2022 submitted the requested information and received a confirmation that documents submitted were received; December 23, 2022 requesting the same information; January 6 received identical correspondence from Brandyn Dang requesting more information which was sent AGAIN; January 18 email from AIG they needed more time to review my claim, January 26 sent email to AIGTravlAlerts requesting some one call my wife Gail. Gail finally spoke to someone in Customer service who said although we check on the status of our claim the web page to check on the status has not been updated and shows closed. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor who was absolutely NO help. This is very frustrating and I am not the only one having issues with AIG. I have a friend who also is await a response from AIG since November 2022. They are quick to take our money but delays, delays, request for the same information...this is a very poor insurance company.
Richard P.
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