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AXA Assistance USA

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AXA Assistance USA is part of the AXA Group. Their service leadership is founded on three factors: a commitment to the highest quality service, sophisticated technology to deliver that service and a global network of offices to provide that service. They provide a 24-hour hotline to all their customers to help facilitate the next steps in many unforeseen travel events.


AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance is a small part of a large organization that is dedicated to offering emergency services for its clients. With over 50 years of experience, AXA Travel Insurance division has the experience and resources needed to provide quality protection for travelers.They are underwritten by the experts at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

The AXA plans offered here on InsureMyTrip can be great for any traveler. Whether traveling alone or with your family and on a strict budget, you will most likely find an AXA trip insurance plan to fit your needs.


  • Plans that vary in coverage to meet any travelers’ needs
  • 24-hour hotline to facilitate next steps in the event of an unforeseen emergency during your trip

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Had a few things happen to me while traveling and everything that I said was not claimable because they were written as not covered by insurance. The contract is very vague so you don't know what your covered for.
Paul V.
I have been a customer of for more than a decade, they compare different rates with different insurance providers. I have mostly purchased insurance from Travelex through, here they act as a broker on behalf of different insurance providers. As a worldwide traveler I find that travel insurance is helpful when you travel internationally. Most of the time when I file a claim it is for medical assistance. Depending on where you go, the medical costs may be far less than here in the US. Unless you are seriously injured or ill and require hospitalization, it might be easier not to file a claim, especially in places where medical costs are extremely nominal even without local insurance. Unless you are admitted to the hospital you must pay out of pocket then file a claim for reimbursement. I have found this process oftentimes very cumbersome, as you have to fill out multiple pages of forms to submit a claim and be successfully reimbursed. At the same time, I do recommend those international travelers to definitely have the insurance, because in addition to medical assistance, it also helps with flight delay and loss of luggage etc. Review the Terms & Conditions carefully, as they may not cover storms that have already been announced or other exclusions. The insurance Only covers unforeseeable problems.
Taewoo L.
This is the only company I use for travel insurance. My husband had emergency surgery while we were traveling in Taiwan. He ended up in the hospital for eleven days plus his admittance in the ER. All bills were paid including follow up visits. I also use them for travel in the USA as my ACA coverage doesn't extend beyond my provider network. They are easy to work with and provide excellent service.
Cheryl D.
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