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AXA Assistance USA

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AXA Assistance USA is part of the AXA Group. Their service leadership is founded on three factors: a commitment to the highest quality service, sophisticated technology to deliver that service and a global network of offices to provide that service. They provide a 24-hour hotline to all their customers to help facilitate the next steps in many unforeseen travel events.


AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance is a small part of a large organization that is dedicated to offering emergency services for its clients. With over 60 years of experience, AXA Travel Insurance division has the experience and resources needed to provide quality protection for travelers. They are underwritten by the experts at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

The AXA plans offered here on InsureMyTrip can be great for any traveler. Whether traveling alone or with your family and on a strict budget, you will most likely find an AXA trip insurance plan to fit your needs.


  • Plans that vary in coverage to meet any travelers’ needs
  • 24-hour hotline to facilitate next steps in the event of an unforeseen emergency during your trip

Customer Ratings and Reviews

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Better Business Bureau Rating
Although I did not have to use the insurance, it gave me great peace of mind. Good value for the money and the website makes it easy to compare coverages and costs.
Loretta R.
Agents have always been very knowledgeable in helping me select the plans that best fix our needs! Always answering all my questions and very friendly.
Peggy W.
The plan seemed competitively priced, although not inexpensive. I did need to file a claim due to missed flights, and lost luggage. We incurred meal expenses, a minor clothing expense, and lost a night of hotel. The total claim was around $300. I filed about 3 weeks after our trip. I submitted about 6 attachments as proof. Several weeks later, after emailing several times, asking about the status of my claim, I received an email asking for more information. I sent the same documents as well as many more, with a detailed explanation of each attachment to make it simpler for the person reviewing the claim. They also asked for 2 of their forms to be filled out, which I attached. Again, several weeks went by, I emailed and requested my claim be paid. I received ANOTHER request for the same information, stating that they were waiting for the forms which they had previously requested as well as a lot of other information, of which I had already submitted several weeks prior! I was going to call and request that someone actually look at all the data I submitted. I was stealing myself for a long, adversarial phone call, so was waiting until I had time. About a week passed and I received an email from my bank showing a Zelle payment for the full amount of my claim. No email from AXA insurance. Interesting..... AXA is no better, no worse than other companies for which I have had to make a claim. I think they all drag the claim process out, hoping you will give up so they don't have to pay. They also ask for an exorbitant amount of information. Trip insurance is something that I feel I have to have for most international trips, but I dread having to make a claim. Luckily I didn't have to interact with an agent in this case and they eventually paid my claim. Keep every receipt, every boarding pass, etc in case you have to make a claim!
Lise T.
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