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Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Buying a travel insurance plan is a smart move if you are feeling cautious about the cost of your trip, possible illness or injury of you or a loved one, or potential weather-related cancellations or interruption. Travel insurance can add an extra level of protection if you are traveling with any children. In most cases, children can be added to a plan without any additional cost to the premium. Whether your trip is short or extended, we can find a plan to cover you and your companions.

When considering a plan, take inventory of the components of your trip. Pre-paid vacation home rentals, car rentals and events tickets are more unconventional items to insure, yet they can be costly if forfeited due to an unexpected circumstance. If these costs are added into the total pre-paid cost of the trip, a comprehensive travel insurance plan could protect you if your trip should be cancelled or interrupted.

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