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Photo Club

Creativity, passion, and an eye for beauty are skills that apply to more than just connecting travelers to the right insurance. When not helping customers, the team at InsureMyTrip enjoys flexing their artistic muscles as part of our Photo Club. We are thrilled to share the winning entries and invite you to check back monthly as we continue to update this page with new additions. Enjoy!

January 2022 - Theme: Comfort

January 2022 Photo Club Winner - Comfort

Title: Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls
Photographer: Erin G.

December 2021 - Theme: Celebration

December 2021 Photo Club Winner - Celebration

Title: 'Tis the Season
Photographer: Meghan W.

November 2021 - Theme: Gathering

November 2021 Photo Club Winner - Gathering

Title: Food Gathering
Photographer: Vish V.

October 2021 - Theme: Staycation

October 2021 Photo Club Winner - Staycation

Title: Portal
Photographer: Eric H.

September 2021 - Theme: Nature

September 2021 Photo Club Winner - Nature

Title: Pollinators
Photographer: Mike P.

August 2021 - Theme: Pattern

August 2021 Photo Club Winner - Pattern

Title: Water Lily
Photographer: Vish V.

July 2021 - Theme: Bubbles

July 2021 Photo Club Winner - Bubbles

Title: Morning Tea
Photographer: Vish V.

June 2021 - Theme: Blue

June 2021 Photo Club Winner - Blue

Title: SlowBlue
Photographer: Mark B.

May 2021 - Theme: Growth

May 2021 Photo Club Winner - Growth

Title: Canopy
Photographer: Eric H.

April 2021 - Theme: Music

April 2021 Photo Club Winner - Music

Title: The Music City, Nashville
Photographer: Vish V.

March 2021 - Theme: Brighter Days Ahead

March 2021 Photo Club Winner - Brighter Days Ahead

Title: Lifting Fog
Photographer: Eric H.

February 2021 - Theme: Transportation

February 2021 Photo Club Winner - Transportation

Title: Union Pacific
Photographer: Eric H.

January 2021 - Theme: Darkness

January 2021 Photo Club Winner - Darkness

Title: Fisherman at Dusk
Photographer: Pete R.

December 2020 - Theme: Snow

December 2020 Photo Club Winner - Snow

Title: New Brrspectives
Photographer: Brittany W.

November 2020 - Theme: Tasty

November 2020 Photo Club Winner - Tasty

Title: Garlic
Photographer: Eric H.

October 2020 - Theme: Harvest

October 2020 Photo Club Winner - Harvest

Title: Southern Sundays
Photographer: Erin G.

September 2020 - Theme: Motion

September 2020 Photo Club Winner - Motion

Title: Divergent
Photographer: Eric H.

August 2020 - Theme: Isolation

August 2020 Photo Club Winner - Isolation

Title: Stand Strong
Photographer: Vish V.

July 2020 - Theme: Industrial

July 2020 Photo Club Winner - Industrial

Title: Strength in Shadows
Photographer: Kathy K.

June 2020 - Theme: Red

June 2020 Photo Club Winner - Red

Title: Fading Away
Photographer: Meghan W.

May 2020 - Theme: Flow

May 2020 Photo Club Winner - Flow

Title: Day Into Night
Photographer: Pete R.

April 2020 - Theme: Interaction

April 2020 Photo Club Winner - Interaction

Title: Royal Visitor
Photographer: Andy B.

March 2020 - Theme: Independent

March 2020 Photo Club Winner - Independent

Title: Tiny Island
Photographer: Andy B.

February 2020 - Theme: Sweet

February 2020 Photo Club Winner - Sweet

Title: Around The Bend
Photographer: Brittany W.

January 2020 - Theme: Abstract Expression

January 2020 Photo Club Winner - Abstract Expression

Title: Crossing Lines
Photographer: Brittany W.

December 2019 - Theme: Cozy

December 2019 Photo Club Winner - Cozy

Title: Cozy Couch
Photographer: Eric H.

November 2019 - Theme: Shiny

November 2019 Photo Club Winner - Shiny

Title: Frozen Bay
Photographer: Joe C.

October 2019 - Theme: Pareidolia

October 2019 Photo Club Winner - Pareidolia

Title: Customary Door Monkey
Photographer: Andy B.

September 2019 - Theme: Light

September 2019 Photo Club Winner - Light

Title: Colorful Shop Window at Night
Photographer: Andy B.

August 2019 - Theme: Illusion

August 2019 Photo Club Winner - Illusion

Title: Moving Forward or Looking Back
Photographer: Alyson D.

July 2019 - Theme: Shadow

July 2019 Photo Club Winner - Shadow

Title: Ferns in Sun and Shade
Photographer: Andy B.

June 2019 - Theme: Vintage

June 2019 Photo Club Winner - Vintage

Title: Tiles of Fate
Photographer: Brittany W.

May 2019 - Theme: Change

May 2019 Photo Club Winner - Change

Title: El Matador
Photographer: Troy A.

April 2019 - Theme: Signs

April 2019 Photo Club Winner - Signs

Title: Night Plaza
Photographer: Erik N.

March 2019 - Theme: Nostalgia

March 2019 Photo Club Winner - Nostalgia

Title: Ravages of Time
Photographer: Pete R.

February 2019 - Theme: Inspiration

February 2019 Photo Club Winner - Inspiration

Title: Infinite Reflection
Photographer: Jim G.

January 2019 - Theme: Wood

January 2019 Photo Club Winner - Wood

Title: Compass
Photographer: Meghan W.

December 2018 - Theme: Enigma

December 2018 Photo Club Winner - Enigma

Title: Dehydrate
Photographer: Brittany W.

November 2018 - Theme: Yellow

November 2018 Photo Club Winner - Yellow

Title: Fallen
Photographer: Brittany W.

October 2018 - Theme: Architecture

October 2018 Photo Club Winner - Architecture

Title: Still Standing
Photographer: Mark B. & Bill E.

September 2018 - Theme: Earth, Wind & Fire

September 2018 Photo Club Winner - Earth, Wind & Fire

Title: Riverside Sunset
Photographer: Pete R.

August 2018 - Theme: Summer

August 2018 Photo Club Winner - Summer

Title: Caught in the Light
Photographer: Kathy K.

July 2018 - Theme: Water

July 2018 Photo Club Winner - Water

Title: Fire Meets Water
Photographer: Brittany W.

June 2018 - Theme: After Dark

June 2018 Photo Club Winner - After Dark

Title: Observe
Photographer: Mark B.

May 2018 - Theme: Adventure

May 2018 Photo Club Winner - Adventure

Title: Spinning at 400 Feet
Photographer: Mark B.

April 2018 - Theme: Plastic

April 2018 Photo Club Winner - Plastic

Title: Plastic and Nature
Photographer: Meghan W.

March 2018 - Theme: Food

March 2018 Photo Club Winner - Food

Title: Decompose
Photographer: Brittany W.

February 2018 - Theme: Winter

February 2018 Photo Club Winner - Winter

Title: Winter
Photographer: Alex

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