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With so many places to find travel insurance, we thank you for choosing InsureMyTrip. We believe it's the best place for you to quote, compare and buy travel insurance your upcoming trip.

At InsureMyTrip, you can trust the people you buy from and the plan you purchase - this is a big part of traveling without worry. When you compare and buy with InsureMyTrip, you get what no other third-party travel insurance supplier can give you:

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Our commitment to service is why so many customers trust InsureMyTrip enough to say they would recommend us to a friend or family member. Before you purchase a plan from anywhere else, let us show you how we measure up to our competition.

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Other Travel Insurance Comparison Sites

Sure, we're not the only place to buy travel insurance on the internet, but we were the first. This means we have had nearly two decades to learn how to help you best to find the right plan for your trip.

The other comparison sites may have similar products and look quite a bit like us in many ways, but the newbies can't give what InsureMyTrip can: the promise of putting you first.

Cruise Line Insurance Products

Your cruise line may offer you the opportunity to "add on" travel insurance coverage when you book your cruise. It might seem easy to check a box and be done with it, but shouldn’t you have more power over your coverage? You can't pick a company you trust; you can't determine what kind of insurance benefits you might need or want; and you can't review all the terms and conditions to make sure they're written so they protect YOU, not the cruise line who's selling them to you. Purchasing a plan through InsureMyTrip takes more time, but puts the decision in your hands. Also, typically cruise lines may only offer vouchers for future cruises - but a third-party travel insurance plan will provide a check for the reimbursement to which you are entitled.

Travel Agencies

Travel agencies specialize in booking vacations - not protecting your trip investment. Whether you worked with an online or offline agency, you may not have a choice of travel insurance offered to you. The plans that are offered through agencies are not tailored to your trip specifically. Agencies typically provide travel insurance plans based on partnerships with particular travel insurance companies. InsureMyTrip works unbiasedly to provide you with recommendations that fit your coverage needs. Our mission is to pair every trip and traveler with the right plan.

Credit Card Coverage

Yes, many credit cards promote some kind of travel insurance benefits — however, cardholders may have difficulty evaluating the scope of coverage. One big concern is when travelers assume their credit cards offer trip protection coverage but do not check in advance of a trip. Travelers need the specifics of what their credit cards may — or may not cover — including exclusions and restrictions. A recent InsureMyTrip study found significant limitations with trip cancellation and other benefits available from card companies when comparing them to those available under comprehensive travel insurance plans.

Coverage and restrictions vary significantly based on the card company, and some have a very low max limit for the year. Cardholders must also pay for trip expenses with the card for any benefits to apply. Medical coverage is also limited and personal cards may offer only limited or no emergency medical or emergency medical evacuation coverage. Meanwhile, third-party plans provide emergency medical and evacuation coverage for all travelers with much higher limits than what a credit card may offer.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Your homeowner's insurance might help with some things, like replacing valuables you've lost while traveling. But that is where the benefits stop. Homeowners insurance won’t cover you for trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delays or emergency medical care. Here’s something to remember: when you purchase a comprehensive plan from InsureMyTrip, your plan will have baggage coverage. You shouldn’t skip travel insurance because your homeowner’s plan covers valuables, because you get so much more from a comprehensive plan!

Buying Direct from the Travel Insurance Company

InsureMyTrip works with only the top travel insurance companies in the industry. We are proud of every relationship we foster with our companies and unbiasedly compare the plans they offer. If you purchase elsewhere, you’ll miss out on the best benefit of buying from InsureMyTrip: Anytime Advocates™ and the entire licensed customer care team. Only InsureMyTrip will advocate for you before, during and after your trip to ensure you receive the reimbursement you are entitled to, as quickly as possible.

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