5 celebrities that own a private jet

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Owning a private jet can cost millions — but some of Hollywood’s A-list are opening up their wallet for the chance to fly in luxury. Jetsmarter.com shares 5 celebs who managed to take their love of aviation to new heights.

Tyler Perry

Funny man Tyler Perry likes the high life — and Perry doesn’t mess around when it comes to his jet set lifestyle. In addition to his multiple mansions and dream car collection, he takes to the skies in his very own Gulfstream III.  According to Jetsmarter, this private jet comes with a complete kitchen, conference room, and state-of-the-art electronics.

Jim Carrey


Flying is no laughing matter for comedian Jim Carrey. Aviation is serious business when you own a Gulfstream V.  This 16-passenger power jet likely cost the funny man $59 million or more. It is also one of the highest performing jets around, according to Jetsmarter. Carrey likes to share the wealth, though. He lets  travelers book a seat —  but be expected to take out the America Express black card. Charter fees are $8,000 an hour.

Elvis Presley


When you are royalty, who wouldn’t want a private jet? When the King took to the skies when he needed to jet to “Heartbreak Hotel.” The 28-seat jet is decked out in gold appliances, gold tub and gold sinks. Fans can still get a peek of the “Lisa Marie.”  It’s still on display at his former Tennessee home (although rumored to be sold soon).

MORE: Harrison Ford and Jackie Chan also made this list. See the photos of their private jets at Jetsmarter.

Photo credit: Jetsmarter

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