A Sure Way to Score Cheaper Flights? YES Please!

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Scoring the best deal on airline tickets can be a frustrating process. With so much price fluctuation, the hassle of organizing a trip and staying under budget is overwhelming. Making matters worse, airlines tickets can be super expensive.

Because of financial concerns, consumers are more than willing to do their homework. In fact, the average shopper compares flight prices online for two weeks before pulling the trigger. But — this lag time can actually hurt shoppers in the long run — with many forced to pay 5% MORE for tickets than when they first started the research. Yikes!

For most of us, our research phase starts like this:

  • Is now the best time to book, or is it worth waiting?
  • Which month is it cheapest to travel?
  • Which days are the cheapest to depart and return?
  • Is there a cheaper airport nearby?
  • Is this a good price, or are there better prices out there?

With air travel, finding the right answer to any of these questions is always tricky. Flight prices go up and down sometimes within minutes and without notice.

But when we utilize the power of data, we can comparison shop in a smarter way. In turn, make the best decision on when to buy and save.

Thanks to the latest technology, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Our friends at Hopper are math wizards who manage to crunch the numbers and tell us the best time to book a flight. The flight research company just launched an app that is designed to inform us instantly when flights are taking a nosedive (no pun, of course).


Here’s how it works: by selecting to Watch a Trip, Hopper will monitor prices 24/7 for you and will alert you if prices drop or are expected to rise. The earlier you start watching, the more likely you are to be alerted to a deal. On some routes, you could save upwards of 40% over the best price from your initial search.

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The Hopper app is available for iOS 8 devices in the US and Canada. You can download the app in the App store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hopper-flight-research-predictions/id904052407

If you want more information on the data behind Hopper and how it works, you can find out more from their Chief Data Scientist, Patrick Surry: https://www.hopper.com/.