Bobbi’s Story: How Anytime Advocates Helped Me

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Travel Insurance is supposed to offer you a resolution, an answer to those “what now?” moments that could occur during a trip. When Bobbi Zubli found herself in a cruise ship infirmary, she was glad she had insurance. However, when her claim seemed to stall in processing, she turned to InsureMyTrip’s Anytime Advocates.

A frequent customer, Bobbi was always a fan of the variety of plans and coverages InsureMyTrip offered, and as an international traveler knew the importance of finding a travel medical plan for her journeys. Like all travelers, she hoped she would never have to use the plan. Unfortunately, a cruise along the shores of Mexico would change all that.

Bobbi fell ill on her cruise and ended up under doctor’s supervision. She was able to pay the required upfront costs for her care and knew that, when she returned home, she would be able to submit a claim with her travel insurance provider for reimbursement. However, her claim seemed to take longer than she expected.

After waiting four weeks without resolution, Bobbi turned to InsureMyTrip. InsureMyTrip activated their Anytime Advocate program on Bobbi’s behalf. All travelers that purchase a policy through InsureMyTrip have access to the Anytime Advocates program, where they can receive expert advice on how to navigate the claims process and file a claim properly with travel insurance providers. But also, like in Bobbi’s case, the team will check the status of a claim and help to speed up the process. If a claim is denied, an advocate will work on behalf of the customer to learn why or to help with the appeal process.

Bobbi’s claim was approved, and she was reimbursed for her medical fees. Her payment is one of many included in the $1,000,000 the advocacy program has assisted in recovering for InsureMyTrip customers.

That’s the difference when you buy a plan with InsureMyTrip.

“We understand travel insurance policies better than anyone else in the industry. If you buy directly from a travel insurance provider, you’ll pay the same price for a policy — but you won’t get us. We go to bat for you and work hard to get your covered travel insurance claim paid,” says InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace.

Here Bobbi’s story, in her own words.

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