InsureMyTrip in the News: Golf Digest

Last updated on 03/29/2023

With golf tours abroad being a hot travel choice for many people, the question of whether or not travel insurance is a worthwhile investment for golfers was bound to come up sooner or later. A recent issue of Golf Digest tackles just that question, with clear advice and recommendations to those who are planning to hit the links and have invested a significant amount of money in pre-paid expenses to make their golfing dreams come true.

Among the excellent points raised in the article is the relative cost of travel insurance vs. your trip cost, and whether or not your personal financial picture allows you to tolerate losing all your pre-paid costs. “If you can hear that you just lost the cost of your trip, then roll over and go back to sleep, you probably don’t need insurance,” a tour company spokesperson is quoted as saying. However, given the relatively low cost of a travel insurance policy that will cover the needs of most recreational golfers — noted in this piece as anywhere from 5% to 15% of total trip cost, depending upon whether or not you want specialized benefits such as “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage — even those who have a high tolerance for absorbing financial losses may find that it’s worth it to protect their trip investment. Golf Digest recommends shopping around to compare different insurance plans and rates from different companies, and highlights as the place to do the best comparison shopping.

The full article “Money Clip: Man Down” can be found on Golf Digest’s site.