Virtual Golf

Last updated on 12/18/2020

Virtual Golf - Simulators & Home Practicing

Golfing Off the Course

Golfers come in all forms, from serious to amateur to serious amateur. There is nothing like stepping out onto the green and breathing in that fresh, stress-relieving air. But being a golfer doesn’t start at tee off and die when you walk into the 19th hole. So we’ve pulled together some ideas for how golfers can stay connected to their sport, without going to the club.

Virtual Golf Programs

You don’t need a driving range to work on your form. It’s the 21st century! There’s an app for that - or rather, a digital device you can hook up to a screen that reads your form, critiques you, and allows you to test out some of the most exclusive courses in the world.

The Phigolf WGT Edition is a great, reasonably priced option if you are looking for some practice in your living room. It’s portable and easy to set up. You move it from TV to TV. You use a club-like device in front of the sensors, perform your actual swing, and watch the virtual golf ball fly.

If you’re looking for a virtual set up that is a little more permanent and allows you to get actual indoor, hands-on experience - the SkyTrak Simulator may be for you. You set up an adjustable screen and projector with an actual tee, ball and you use your own golf club. You hit the ball into the screen and the projector tracks your expected trajectory and distance based on where the ball hit the screen and at what strength. Yea - impressive.

Low-Tech Practice

Not everyone is ready to invest in a simulation program, and for those DIYers out there, we have some options for you. Like, for instance, a totally free tutorial on improving your form. Golf Pros aren’t only at the course - they are also on YouTube. The Pros at We Are Golf put together a Quarantine Golf series to help golfers learn new techniques to perfect their swings from home. Some of the top professional golfers, like Rory McIlroy, have offered up great tips to drive the ball further through YouTube as well.

Going back to the basics is always the easiest way to practice. So go find your least favorite drinking cup and turn it into your most favorite putting cup. Place the cup several feet away, grab your putter, and get to practicing. You can literally do this anywhere in your home, and we encourage you to try various surfaces to add resistance and obstacles.

One golf writer for Golf Digest got creative in his backyard. Making use of a small hill on his property, he posted a PVC pipe at the top and practiced his chipping game. His goal was to hit the pole at the top of the hill. If you have various terrains in your backyard, you can set up similar experiences to practice getting out of that bunker or chipping out of thick grass.

Staying Healthy on the Course

The most important thing these days will be staying healthy when you are out on the golf course. While golfing has been a low contact sport, there are so many obstacles to staying healthy. Handshakes, ball cleaners, helpful cadys, close proximity in the golf carts: they are all open for health concerns.

Remember whenever possible, take less people in your cart - or bypass the cart all together and get the great benefit of exercise by walking from hole to hole. Bring hand sanitizer with you and use it after shaking hands or using communal tools, like the ball cleaner. The Golf House Kentucky has some excellent health and safety tips for staying germ-free during your day of golf.