InsureMyTrip in the News: Washington Post

Last updated on 03/29/2023

This week, the Washington Post ran a very thorough story on the details of travel medical insurance. Using InsureMyTrip as a resource, the article explains in depth how travel medical coverage works, why it’s important, and how it should be used. One excerpt underscores the security many travelers feel when they have appropriate travel medical insurance in place:

On the comments page of, a travel insurance aggregator, travelers gush about how travel medical insurance gave them “peace of mind”; “fortunate” and “felt very comfortable” were also popular words. In the first 100 of 1,466 responses, not a single person related a negative story involving an injury or a claim. Nor did anyone complain about wasting money for an unused service.

One reason travelers may feel so secure, the article points out, is that those who travel without insurance may need to pay out of pocket for any unexpected medical costs, while those who travel with insurance can file a claim with their travel insurance company to have those costs reimbursed. When the medical emergency is severe, requiring specialized services such as evacuation, the difference travel insurance makes could be measured in the tens of thousands of dollars. However, as InsureMyTrip’s Executive Vice President, Peter Evans, points out in the Post article, travelers looking to purchase a medical plan for their trip should always check with their primary health insurance carrier first. Some U.S.-based health insurers will cover medical expenses abroad, in part or in full, so it’s smart to have an understanding of your provider’s policies before buying additional coverage.

The complete story can be accessed on the Washington Post website.