Top 5 Provider

  1. GeoBlue
  2. InsureandGo
  3. Travel Insurance Coordinators (TIC)
  4. IMT Services
  5. Nationwide
  1. RSA Insurance
  2. InsureandGo
  3. John Hancock Insurance Agency, Inc.
  4. HTH Worldwide
  5. AXA Assistance USA

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  1. InsureandGo Gold
  2. MEDEX SafeTrip - Multi-Trip
  3. InsureandGo Platinum
  4. Travel Insurance Coordinators (TIC) All Inclusive Plan
  5. April Choice Family Plan
  1. John Hancock Insurance Agency, Inc. Gold
  2. InsureandGo Global Silver
  3. HTH Worldwide TravelGap Silver
  4. April Choice Family Plan
  5. MEDEX TravMed Choice Inbound
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InsureAssist TripMed Multi-Trip
Five years ago I purchased a similar Medical Plan from a different Insurance Company. When I asked to re-new the policy, I was told the State of Washington no longer allowed that company to write the policy. Their Customer Service Representative suggested I call InsureAssist TripMed. I did make the phone call, and after explaining my old policy, and what I needed for my new trip into Canada, I was able to get a policy which covered my extended stay in Canada for a reasonable cost. Thank You!
Ronald W. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
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