Best City to Spend a Rainy Day

Last updated on 04/24/2024

Best Cities for Rainy Day Activities Ranked

As winter approaches, the weather starts shifting from hot and humid to cold and wet. Winter is still a great time to travel, with fewer tourists and lower costs for flights and hotels.

However, there’s nothing worse on vacation than waking up to see it’s pouring rain, and having to find a last-minute indoor activity that still has availability and isn’t too expensive. Don’t worry though, researchers at InsureMyTrip have found out which city is the best to spend rainy winter days.

Stay Dry and Thrive: This City is the Best for a Rainy Day


overall Score

Rank City / Country Country Overall
1 London,UK UK 7.39
2 New York,USA USA 5.93
3 Paris,France France 5.63
4 Athens,Greece Greece 5.60
5 Los Angeles,USA USA 5.37
6 Rome,Italy Italy 5.33
7 Istanbul,Turkey Turkey 5.29
8 Marrakesh,Morocco Morocco 5.24
9 Berlin,Germany Germany 5.13
10 Bangkok,Thailand Thailand 5.02