Travel Gift Guide: This Holiday, Give the Gift of Fun Travel Experiences

Last updated on 03/05/2024

When the holidays come around, you might be stressed about finding the perfect gift (or rushing to find one at the last minute). This year, however, might be the perfect time to think beyond the material to help the traveler on your list create memories that will last forever. To help you out, we've collected our top ideas for giving the gift of travel, as well as insights for those wondering “Do I need holiday insurance?” for the gifts they’re about to purchase.

Why Travel Experiences are Great Gifts

Travel may seem like a more complicated or expensive gift to give than simply going by a friend's or family member's online wish list. However, there are a couple benefits to giving the gift of experiences that material goods may not have:

  • They create lasting memories. Unlike material possessions, travel experiences create memories that will last a lifetime. These memories can be shared and cherished for years to come.
  • They are unique and personal. The gift of experiences can be tailored to the individual's interests and preferences, making them a truly unique and personal gift.
  • They encourage exploration and learning. Travel experiences can broaden our horizons and help us learn new things about different cultures and ways of life.
  • They strengthen relationships. If you give a gift you and your loved ones can experience together, adventure can strengthen relationships by creating memories.
  • They are experiences, not things. In a world filled with material possessions, travel experiences offer a refreshing alternative. They are a gift that cannot be broken or lost, and they will always be appreciated.

What to Think about Before You Buy

Before giving the gift of travel, there are a few things to consider:

First, consider the recipient's Interests and preferences. Do they go on active, athletic trips that include hiking or paddling? Do they typically travel to recharge, with vacations to warm, tropical areas or nearby beach getaways? Think about those things, and pair them with ideas that are a little more specific, like the person's hobbies, to start coming up with travel ideas that make for a truly personalized present.

Most important, however, is to consider the budget. We recommend being generous, but sensible, giving the gift of travel experiences to someone when they have a trip planned, or contributing your gift as a surprise that adds a little extra into the adventure you and the recipient might be going on together. When you give an add-on, as opposed to a full trip, you can deliver a special present that doesn't have to break the bank.

Ideas for Great Travel Experiences

With that in mind, what are affordable ideas when you want to give the gift of an experience? We have a few options that might help:

  • Outdoor walking tours: If the lucky gift recipient is visiting a city, an outdoor walking door may be the right gift to help them discover as much of their destination as quickly as possible. The right tour, for example, could include stops by a balance of famous landmarks and some hidden gems.
  • Food tastings: These might be walking tours that stop specifically at cafes, pastry shops, restaurants, or markets. They could also be at one location and provide a range of culinary delights from the area your loved one might be visiting. Either way, food tastings often pair new flavors with education about both the dishes served and their cultural origins. Your gift recipient could leave with both new knowledge and inspiration for what to cook when they get home.
  • Group hikes: If your gift recipient enjoys the outdoors or is visiting a destination like a national park, reservations for a group hike could be the ideal stocking stuffer. The intensity of hikes can vary depending on a person's level of ability, and outings can also involve opportunities to stop at well-situated vantage points so participants can take great photos that will help them remember the experience forever.
  • Private museum tours: If your gift recipient doesn't like large groups, private arrangements like museum tours could be a good addition to their trip. Private tours can include only your recipient and the group they're traveling with and be led by an expert guide. Having this intimate experience in a museum setting is especially exciting because it gives your loved ones and those they might travel with more time and opportunity to speak directly with their guide. The result is a more informative, interactive, and engaging encounter with art and historical objects.

Protecting Their Experience with Travel Insurance

When you’re giving the gift of travel, the last thing anyone wants to think about are the travel obstacles that can arise. If you are thinking about how to protect your loved one’s travel experience, you might be asking, “Do I need holiday insurance?”

What you might need to know, however, is who should get travel insurance to cover this holiday gift. If you’re buying them an experience that fits into a trip they have already planned, they might already own coverage. If your gift is a standalone travel experience, though, you may want to consider making a policy part of your gift. Including travel insurance in your gift could show extra care and consideration. Depending on your gift recipient’s needs, the right coverage may be able to protect them if anything happens on their trip or activity, including lost or damaged luggage, needs for medical attention, and more.

If you find yourself purchasing travel insurance as part of your gift, make sure you do the following:

  • Get their permission: Make sure they’re aware that you’re buying insurance and that they agree to the terms of the coverage (this could also mean buying the insurance after you give them the gift, if you want the travel experience to be a surprise)
  • Gather their information: You’ll need to give providers basic information about your gift recipient, including their name, date of birth, and address
  • Consider their needs: What are their specific needs, and what are the risks they’re most likely to face on their travel experience? Keep these in mind as you look for coverage

One last action you can take to help yourself make the right travel insurance choice is by comparing coverage options using a comparison site like InsureMyTrip. As the world’s first travel insurance comparison site, we help you get an unbiased view of plans from top providers. We also have a dedicated Customer Care team of licensed professionals ready should you have remaining questions about who should get travel insurance, how to buy coverage as part of your gift, and more.

To begin discovering coverage options for your travel experience gift, start a quote.