Tips for Planning Wellness Tourism Getaways

Last updated on 07/10/2024

When clients come to you asking for help planning wellness getaways, they could be picturing a couple different vacations. For instance, they may want to simply unplug from technology, find a secluded resort where they can engage in guided meditation, or have an active and athletic trip that works their muscles and takes them on adventures in nature.

However, no matter how they answer the question "what is wellness travel?", you have the ability to help make their ideal wellness trip a reality.

Ask Clients Where They Want to Go

To make those vacation dreams come true, ask your clients, "What is wellness travel to you?" Since you already know they'll have different versions of the perfect wellness trip, you should anticipate a wide range of preferred destinations, too. Before you even ask the question, research popular wellness tourism destinations, just in case your client brings them up. These could include:

  • Switzerland, known for healthy living and preventative care
  • Budapest, home to rejuvenating thermal baths
  • Thailand, famous for yoga retreats
  • Peru, known for its culture's ancient traditional healing practices

Be Able to Recommend a Variety of Retreats

Clients will have different goals they want to achieve on their wellness getaways, so be prepared to recommend different retreat types—or activities at their destination—that they can take advantage of. For example, clients who want to continue their weight loss or fitness journey on vacation may need you to recommend retreats located near hiking and biking trails. Meanwhile, professionals in high-pressure jobs may want tips on spas that can pamper them with saunas, relaxing massages, or beauty treatments that leave them feeling refreshed. You can position yourself as a trusted resource that clients will want to return to time and again by being ready for any client activity preference.

Look at Wellness Trends to Think Ahead

When asking clients, "What is wellness travel to you?", be prepared for the answers you hear to change over time. One way you can stay on top of trends is to set up a Google alert for search terms like "wellness getaways", "wellness travel trends", or "popular wellness tourism". When you do, you might find that receive notifications about current trends that include:

  • Art therapy and creativity, which are increasingly found at wellness retreats to enhance self-expression and emotional well-being
  • Cultural and traditional healing, in which travelers explore traditional wellness treatments from cultures worldwide, from meditation to equine therapy
  • Sleep-centric wellness travel, which recognizes the importance of sleep hygiene by incorporating sleep consultations and digital detox practices to help travelers find deep, restful slumber

Remember That Clients Can Protect Their Retreat with Travel Insurance

No matter how your clients want to experience their wellness getaways, they should be able to spend their trip focused on their health and relaxation. Obstacles can arise unexpectedly, though. To help them, you may want to suggest that they look into wellness travel insurance before they depart. Travel coverage, including travel insurance with medical considerations, may be able to financially protect your clients in the event of delayed or canceled flights, lost or damaged luggage, and more.

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