A named storm drastically changes the coverage available to you.

When it comes to insuring a trip against the potential disruptions a hurricane brings, it is best to purchase a travel insurance plan as soon as you make your first payment towards any part of your trip. Once a storm has developed, and targets destinations, you’ll have fewer options in finding a plan that will meet all your insurance needs.

If you purchased your plan before the storm was named, you might be covered for travel concerns that have occurred due to this storm. While most plans have extreme weather (such as tropical storms and hurricanes) on their list of covered reasons for a trip delay, trip interruption or cancellation; there are stipulations. You'll want to connect with your insurance provider to understand your options.

Need assistance?

If you are unsure about what is best for your trip, please contact us to talk to a licensed travel insurance representative today. If you need assistance in filing a claim, please visit our Travel Insurance Policy & Claims Center.

When is it too late to purchase travel insurance?

Depending on the type of coverage you want, once a storm has been named you’ll be limited to the types of plans and the protection offered, especially plans with cancellation coverage. Whether it’s a tropical storm or a hurricane, once the storm is named your options are close to none. Understanding the importance of promptly purchasing your travel insurance plan is critical. You can find additional information on hurricane season and travel insurance here.

Cancel for Any Reason Coverage.

Cancel for Any Reason is only available within a small window of time after your first trip deposit. Not many travelers seeking travel insurance in the shadow of a newly named storm will qualify, but for those looking to find coverage for the remainder of hurricane season, this should be on your radar.