Comprehensive travel insurance plans are the most widely known form of coverage and are often called package plans. Typically, a comprehensive plan will offer a variety of benefits for travelers, covering a wide range of concerns. Most provide coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, travel delay, baggage, 24-hour assistance and some travel medical benefits.

They are the most widely known because they are available for mostly any type of trip for travelers of any age.

Coverage Limits

Coverage limits vary between plans and dictate the maximum amount of reimbursement to which you may be entitled if you had to file a claim. Typically, trip cancellation and trip interruption limits directly reflect your trip cost. Other limits are independent of this, such as medical, baggage and travel delay coverage. To determine which plan is right for you, you may want to review these more closely.

Several plans may have optional benefits that can tailor coverage to your trip needs. For example, if you’re traveling with business or sports equipment, you may want to inquire about comprehensive plans that offer optional coverage for these items. If you are particularly concerned about illness or injury while traveling, you may want to make sure you are comfortable with the medical coverage limits and emergency medical coverage.

Plan Exclusions

Most travel insurance plans will include a list of exclusions (such as events and items) that are not covered by the insurance company. It’s always advisable to make sure you are well acquainted with the terms of any plan you are considering. This may help you feel more comfortable that the coverage you do buy will meet your needs.

Some exclusions can include travel delays not reaching the required minimum or expensive sports equipment needed for your trip. Also, many plans will exclude pre-existing conditions or adventure activities from medical coverage.

Another popular coverage is trip cancellation. Many plans only provide coverage for a specific list of covered reasons for cancellation. We recommend reviewing this list to be fully aware of which reasons are included and which are not. This can help you to prepare for a claims process, if necessary.

Special coverage options

Two highly desirable coverage options, pre-existing conditions waivers and Cancel for Any Reason coverage, are offered as benefits in some comprehensive plans. However, these benefits will typically only be available for travelers who meet certain criteria.

For example, to receive these benefits as part of a comprehensive plan, you may have to purchase your travel insurance plan within a specified time frame. Usually the plan dictates a time frame of within 10-30 days of making your initial trip payment; the criteria will vary for each plan.