Hospital of choice coverage is an option that allows you to stipulate where you’d like to be taken in the event that you have a medical emergency while you’re traveling and need to be evacuated for better care. In general, travel insurance policies dictate that in medical emergencies, travelers are transported to the nearest “hospital of excellence.” That means you’d be taken to a facility that was deemed, by the insurance company and the doctors involved with your care, best able to manage your medical condition. Hospital of choice coverage takes that a step further and allows you to decide in advance where you would like to go should you need advanced medical care.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Hospital of choice coverage can be purchased either as part of a travel insurance comprehensive plan, or as part of a standalone emergency medical evacuation policy. If you’re purchasing an evacuation policy only, make sure that you fully understand which travel insurance benefits, like baggage delay and trip cancellation and interruption coverage, may not be included.

Multi-Trip Evacuation Plans

Hospital of choice coverage may be of particular interest to you if you plan to take many trips throughout the course of a year, since the benefit would ensure that you’d be able to receive care at your preferred facility in an emergency each time you go abroad. Multi-trip plans often represent a significant cost savings as well, so if you know you’ll be traveling multiple times and are considering travel insurance, make sure to look into this option.