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April Travel Protection prides itself on being innovative and supportive for all their travelers. They strive to build plans and services that provide their traveling customers with the assurance that their travel investment is protected from unforeseen events.


April Travel Protection, part of the APRIL Group (founded in 1988 in France), is headquartered in Florida. They have been protecting people’s travel investments for over 25 years. Their plans are underwritten by American Modern Home Insurance Company.

One of their innovations to the travel insurance industry is the Stress Less Benefit all their plans provide customers. This allows plan holders to often avoid going through a claims reimbursement process by paying for the coverage they need.

Contact the company (through phone, Skype, text, live online chat or email) when you encounter an insurable event while traveling, and they will coordinate and pay for the event. This could include a medical visit, flight change, hotel overnight due to travel delay, missed connection help or evacuation. No out of pocket expenses, no claims forms and no anxiety about wondering if you’ll be reimbursed.

Travelers with April Travel Protection plans are serviced by their own Global Assistance Network, with offices located in over 100 countries. This is a 24-hour hotline that can be reached for virtually anywhere in the world. Best of all, you’ll find a support person who speaks your language.

This may help to alleviate a stressful situation in a matter of minutes with someone who understands you and your situation, rather than trying to navigate the waters alone. This can translate to a solution in minutes, rather than weeks and often times at no extra cost to you!


  • Stress Less Benefits allow travelers to often avoid going through a claims reimbursement process.
  • A Global Assistance Network giving travelers around the world support they need, in their language.
  • Numerous ways to contact the company: phone, Skype, text, online chat or email.

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I didn't need to file a claim, but I was very happy with the customer service I received. The company was easy to contact and excellent at answering some questions, and it was easy to change the dates of my coverage when the trip dates changed.
Emily T.
Had to cancel my vacation due to major problem in my home. Filed the claim and was paid in full promptly.
Harriet A.
This was fantastic. We had an incident while on vacation and had to take our daughter to a doctor and had to pay out of pocket for the visit. April had guided me through the process within 24 hours of notifying them, and I was informed that I'd receive the full amount as a refund within a week of filing the claim. Perhaps my only complaint was that it was hard to navigate their rates and plans online, but when I called and set it up over the phone the rep was super helpful and got me exactly what I wanted for a very reasonable price.
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