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APRIL Travel Protection prides itself on being innovative while providing simpler and effective travel insurance plans to meet the needs of U.S. travelers. APRIL's key differentiator is its exclusive Stress Less Benefits, which removes the claim for reimbursement process by paying on the spot for most unforeseen travel or medical emergencies as covered by the policy, such as medical visits and evacuations, flight changes, overnight hotel accommodations, and much more. Simply email, call or Skype APRIL's 24/7/365 multi-lingual team to get Stress Less started!


On 3/11/20, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a pandemic. The APRIL Travel Protection plan include exclusions for pandemics. Travelers who purchase this policy may not be covered for reasons related to the coronavirus.

"Insurance Made Easy" is APRIL's overarching mission. APRIL Travel Protection focuses on innovative, simple and effective travel insurance plans to meet U.S. travelers needs.

APRIL Travel Protection is the U.S. division of the well-regarded 30-year-old APRIL Group, headquartered in Lyon, France, with operations in 30+ countries, 4,000 employees worldwide, and publicly traded on the Euronext Paris.

The APRIL plan includes its exclusive Stress Less Benefits as standard coverage. When the unexpected happens during your travels, APRIL's streamlined Stress Less claims benefits will cover most insurable expenses and allows you to avoid guessing what is covered, fronting your own monies, and struggling with lengthy claim forms for medical visits and evacuations, flight changes, overnight hotel accommodations, and much more.

Initiating a Stress Less claim is easy. Simply email, call or Skype APRIL's 24/7/365 multi-lingual assistance team when a travel or medical emergency transpires during your travels.

Aside from Stress Less as standard coverage, the APRIL Cruise plan on InsureMyTrip offers a plethora of high-limit benefits and optional upgrades to meet your specific cruise or land-tour trips:

  1. Includes the pre-existing condition waiver*
  2. Covers longer trips - max. of 90 days in length
  3. Includes high limits on Medical and Emergency Assistance & Transportation

APRIL Travel Protection plans are underwritten by Generali US Branch.

* Waiver included as long as the policy is purchased within 24 hours of making the trip's final payment and the traveler is medically fit to travel per Physician. See plan documents for complete details.


  • Stress Less Benefits allow travelers to often avoid going through a claims reimbursement process
  • A Global Assistance Network giving travelers around the world support they need, in their language
  • Numerous ways to contact the company: phone, Skype, text, online chat or email

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We almost had to use the coverage as my husband was in the hospital for 12 days from complications from routine surgery. But we didn't. I really can't say whether anything was good coverage wise as we didn't use it. But, it was easy to communicate with them. As to price, this is the first time on a trip I had ever gotten insurance and frankly I had sticker price shock. We have had friends who did need to use their insurance and they were glad they had gotten it.
Laurel F.
We didn’t have to use the insurance which is what you expect and hope for. But it is nice to know that we have the coverage if we need it.
Robert P.
When I purchased this policy, it was one of the least expensive of the many that I looked at with comparable coverage so that is why I continue to recommend the April Travel Protection Plan. However, buyer beware that processing times for claims submitted is not efficient or quick as my recent experience shows. We had a small $120 medical claim for a doctor visit to my hotel room in Germany. I was too sick to leave the room so our B&B contacted a clinic for the doctor to visit me. The Dr. gave me 2 documents, one verifying my personal information, the diagnosis and the amount "liquidated" to pay for the visit and the second one was medical documentation on my condition and treatment given. It took 72 days to get reimbursed on the claim even though all documentation initially requested by the insurer was provided and the claim was filed promptly upon my return. The insurer used a 3rd party processing company which may have slowed everything down. At about 45 days after claim, I called an April customer service representative when I didn't hear anything on the status of the claim. Once that person got involved, it seemed to move the process along or at least to the desk of the 3rd party processor. And if you have any claims make sure you not only keep all receipts and documentation, but those receipts must specifically state the amount billed was "paid", especially if you pay in cash and not by credit card, as we had to do with the Dr visit to our hotel room. The doctor hand wrote the receipt with the amount noted as"liquidated" which wasn't enough proof to them that I had paid. (Doesn't liquidated mean "paid"?) Eventually, it was resolved after the processor contacted the B&B. I assume it was it to "verify" my illness or possibly the requirement that I had to pay in cash? Having said all of the above, I am not sure if the claims processing time or procedures are "par for the course" for travel insurance claims. I am satisfied that the claim was paid, but it took a lot more time, effort and followup than I think it should have on an uncomplicated and small dollar claim.
Maureen D.
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