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Trawick International

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Founded in 1998, Trawick International offers many different types of insurance products to travelers all around the world. They continue to research ground-breaking plans to satisfy the needs of travelers everywhere.


The Trawick International travel insurance plan offered here is designed for individuals traveling abroad. Trawick International has an extensive worldwide network of quality doctors and professionals.  When covered under a plan from Trawick International, you will have Travel Assistance available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.  After purchasing a plan, the policy is immediately issued by email which will also include personal ID cards. Trawick International's personal and professional service is one of Trawick International's services that can set them apart from competitors.


  • Comprehensive plans underwritten by Nationwide
  • Extensive worldwide network of quality physicians
  • 24 hour travel assistance availability

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From a healthcare provider- I don't think it should be mandatory to require health insurance, I feel it should be optional. I bought it knowing I would not need it, and I didn't. Frequent traveler and have never needed insurance. I've both had COVID and been vaccinated against covid. Still having to purchase trip insurance felt silly. I think this would be best for elderly or those more at risk.
Jessica A.
Our cruise company offered travel insurance for $1,300. I spent several hours researching online and found an international plan through Trawick International. Not only did they offer the same benefits, but at less than $200. It was a real bargain and great peace of mind. I will definitely go directly to InsureMyTrip the next time we travel internationally.
We were thrilled with your coverage. The travel group we chose for Turkey, their travel insurance was too expensive. Your coverage was the same, but affordable. Thank you for providing that security for our travels.
Nancy K.
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