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When you trust us with your personal information, you can be sure that we're managing that trust responsibly. We closely follow industry standards and best practices to ensure that the security of our data won't be compromised.

User Security

InsureMyTrip uses Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL) to protect the privacy of your information. Encryption is a way of scrambling a message or a piece of data so that only a person who has the decryption key can view it. By encrypting your personal information, we're able to make sure no unauthorized persons can see what you've shared with us.

Physical Security

Our data center is monitored 24/7/365. We use digital surveillance equipment to maintain efficient monitoring, and store all customer data exclusively on servers located within the United States.


Our servers have redundant internal and external power supplies. By implementing backup power for our servers, we're able to make sure that data isn't lost due to power service issues in severe weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Network Security

Network firewalls are used to restrict traffic and access to sensitive information. We also use intrusion detection systems, which prevent access to our data from outside intruders.

Storage Security

All data is stored on servers located in the United States. We run backups throughout the day and use an offsite storage system for backup. We also encrypt all information in our backup systems to prevent data from being viewed by unauthorized persons.

If you have any questions about our security policies or what we do to protect you, send us a message at security @

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