to Participate in World IPv6 Day!

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Dennis, Information Technology Manager

I am happy to report that the technophiles at are embarking on another computing adventure – we will be joining the “test flight” of IPv6 by participating in World IPv6 Day on Wednesday, June 8, 2011!

What is the Big Deal About IPv6?

In brief, the IP address framework currently in use is finite, and due to the explosive growth of the Internet will run out of available addresses before the end of 2011, if projections are correct.  The newer framework, IPv6, has a nearly inexhaustible number of addresses, for the most part.  The World IPv6 Day event is a 24-hour test of the new framework in order to inspire and motivate more companies to be ready for the eventual transition to the Internet address structure of the future.

What Effect Will IPv6 Have on Our Users?

None, really.  Visitors to our site will see no change, and will be able to browse and buy as usual.

Why Participate? strives to be a technology-forward company, and this is a great way to pursue that goal while doing so along-side Internet giants, such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and YouTube.

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