This Week in Links, Memorial Day Edition

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As the long weekend begins, we’d like to start by extending our sincere appreciation to all veterans and families of veterans. While this post may be mainly about travel-related topics, we don’t want to lose sight of the true meaning of Memorial Day. Thank you to all for your service and your sacrifices.

And now, our take on Memorial Day travel news:

Traffic, World Affairs, and Gas Prices.

According to this CNBC segment, this weekend’s travel — and, by extension, this summer’s travel — will be largely dictated by external events.  The weather forecast for the weekend will play a big role in how many Americans hit the road for a mini-vacation, while the outcome of the upcoming hurricane season will impact travelers’ plans throughout the rest of the summer.  Moreover, as events in some unstable areas of the world continue to evolve, gas prices may be affected, which would of course in turn have an effect on overall travel trends.  In other words: We don’t know what we don’t know. Keep an eye on Nigeria and Ukraine, as well as on the weather.

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Furry friends for furious travelers.

Some areas of the country are predicting a far more complicated weekend travel picture than others — like the San Francisco Bay area.  With both roadways and airports undergoing major construction over the next few days, the likelihood that travelers of all stripes will be inconvenienced is fairly high.  However, we give major points to San Francisco International Airport for introducing an innovative stress reliever for all those annoyed travelers: The “Wag Brigade,” a group of therapy dogs that will begin patrolling the airport in “Pet Me” vests.

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Safety First.

The Red Cross has issued a list of Memorial Day Safety Tips for travelers, which is worth a quick look if you’re planning to head out on any adventures this weekend.  Among the tips are thoughts on road safety, travel preparedness, and emergency first aid.  Be sure to review the list carefully and share with any loved ones who might be hitting the road as well.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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