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When You Need More Than Trip Cancellation Coverage – Explore Cancel for Any Reason

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When we talk about canceling trips, we really are talking about using benefits found in a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Comprehensive plans on InsureMyTrip offer the most benefits of all plan types, providing the best protection for your travel investment.

Often times they’re ideal for nearly every traveler and contain benefits for trip cancellation. But what if you have a specific concern that could affect your travel plans?

You need to know what is covered by your plans trip cancellation coverage and evaluate if it will protect you in the event you need to stay home.

Looking into the details of your plan is important. Don’t guess that it will do what you think it will do, know! More often than not your comprehensive plan will offer benefit reimbursements for an unexpected illness or injury that makes your doctor declare you or a fellow traveler unfit to take your trip.

In fact, trip cancellation may even cover the hospitalization or death of a non-traveling family member. Also, weather and storms that are not yet named and deemed ‘unforeseen’ along with natural disasters at home or the destination may be approved reasons to claim trip cancellation benefits.

If you do need to cancel, trip cancellation may reimburse 100% of the prepaid, non-refundable trip cost for which you are insured as long as you can provide documentation. That’s why we stress the importance of calculating your insurable trip costs correctly.

All of this is only available when the trip is canceled due to a specific, unforeseen covered reason. Again, know the terms of your plan before you purchase. Also good to know, if one traveler has to cancel for a covered reason, all travelers who are insured are also covered to cancel as well. Who’d want to take a trip without a friend or family member who can no longer go!

But what if you have a concern that extends beyond the reasons listed under the trip cancellation benefit? That is where Cancel for Any Reason comes into play.

Cancel for Any Reason is an optional travel insurance benefit, and is only available on some of the plans found on InsureMyTrip. This benefit adds additional cost to a plan, but the extended coverage may make it worthwhile.

You’ll need to meet a few eligibility criteria, such as purchasing the coverage within a certain time frame of making a payment towards any part of the trip. You’ll also need to insure 100% of your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs.

You’ll be able to cancel for any reason, but not at any time! Your cancellation must occur no closer to your scheduled departure than 48 or 72 hours (depending on the plan).

You may not recover all your trip costs, as benefits may only cover between 50%-75% of your insured costs, again depending on the plan. However, canceling and losing 100% of your costs sounds much worse!

It doesn’t matter why you have to cancel your trip! Frequently we see travelers purchase Cancel For Any Reason coverage when traveling to a part of the world with civil or political unrest, or those that are nervous about hurricanes or other ‘what if’s’.

As always, InsureMyTrip’s licensed travel insurance experts are available to go through plan details with you and can help you find the right coverage for your concerns. They are not commission based, and only there to help! You’ll never be pushed to buy, nor will they recommend a plan for any reason other than it being the right fit for your trip.

Now that you know the difference between Trip Cancellation and Cancel for Any Reason, which is right for you?



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