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When You Need More Than Trip Cancellation Coverage – Explore Cancel for Any Reason

Elderly Patient with Doctor

When we talk about canceling trips, we really are talking about using benefits found in a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Comprehensive plans on InsureMyTrip offer the most benefits of all plan types, providing the best protection for your travel investment. Often times they’re ideal for nearly every traveler and contain benefits for trip cancellation. But

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Cruise Fever! Our 2018 Survey Encourages Cruisers to Share Their Experiences

Cruise Fever - 2018 Survey Results

Every year InsureMyTrip reaches out to its customers, asking to learn more about a very popular form of travel: cruising! This year, nearly 3000 people responded to the annual survey and shared some very insightful information with us, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Turns out, getting sick tops the list of travel

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More Than One Trip This Year? An Annual Plan May be Right for You!

Is this year shaping up to be your “Year of Travel”? If you have more than a couple of trips planned this year then a multi-trip, or annual travel insurance plan could be the right option for you. And great news! More often than not, there is a financial benefit to buying a multi-trip insurance

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Bobbi’s Story: How Anytime Advocates Helped Me

Travel Insurance is supposed to offer you a resolution, an answer to those “what now?” moments that could occur during a trip. When Bobbi Zubli found herself in a cruise ship infirmary, she was glad she had insurance. However, when her claim seemed to stall in processing, she turned to InsureMyTrip’s Anytime Advocates. A frequent

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9 Tips for Protection from Bug Bites While Traveling

9 Tips for Protection from Bug Bites While Traveling Mosquitos and other dangerous insects are most prevalent between April-October. This same time period each year is when people look to travel to warm, tropical locations. While these exotic destinations might be the most enticing to travel to, mosquitos and other insects that live there may

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Hate Flying? 8 Ways to Combat Travel Fears

Airports to Avoid During the Holidays

1. Get Perspective Remember to keep it in perspective. Delays, cancellations, and lost luggage are all stressful possibilities during the busy holiday travel time, but try not to “catastrophize” these inconveniences. Feeling anxious? Use your breathing to calm your body: focus on taking deep, slow breaths to reduce anxiety. Dr. Lisa Doane, Clinical Psychologist 2. Don’t Be Late A

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