CEO Jim Grace to Speak at ITIC

Last updated on 05/07/2020

WARWICK, R.I., Nov. 4, 2013 -- Jim Grace, travel insurance expert and founder of InsureMyTrip, is scheduled to speak at the International Travel Insurance Conference set for November 4 -7, 2013 in Vienna, Austria. During ITIC, Grace, who successfully launched the leading travel insurance comparison site, is expected to present travel insurance executives with insights on the latest trends and developments within the insurance industry and discuss the importance of building a customer-focused business.

"During the International Travel Insurance Conference, I look forward to highlighting our achievements and reveal management techniques that have contributed greatly to our success and the value we provide customers. InsureMyTrip is an international leader in the travel insurance industry -- in large part -- due to the appeal of our customer-centric business model. Millions of travelers choose InsureMyTrip because our licensed insurance agents consistently provide unbiased and trustworthy advice. In addition to excellent customer service, InsureMyTrip also offers one of the largest selections of travel insurance companies in the industry, with over 27 top travel insurance providers to choose from," says InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace.

Grace's leadership in the insurance industry spans nearly 30 years and he previously served as President of the United States Travel Insurance Association. Grace frequently appears as a travel expert and guest commentator in top media outlets.

Grace's background in technology-driven innovation led to the development of the company's online business model in the late 1990s. The company then rapidly accelerated its growth and broadened its leadership position. Today, InsureMyTrip serves millions of customers worldwide, offering a diverse portfolio of insurance products for travelers. The company also boasts the largest online collection of travel insurance product reviews by consumers.

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About InsureMyTrip:
Established in 2000, InsureMyTrip is a leading online travel insurance aggregator worldwide. Featuring insurance comparisons from the top industry providers, InsureMyTrip is a one-stop resource designed to meet travelers’ comprehensive insurance needs all in a secure environment. InsureMyTrip also specializes in providing custom retail and wholesale travel insurance solutions in the education and mission travel markets. InsureMyTrip is headquartered in Warwick, R.I., with additional offices and data centers in Connecticut and Oregon.