InsureMyTrip Launches Ratings & Reviews

Last updated on 03/29/2023

WARWICK, RI, July 19, 2011 --, the premier travel insurance comparison site, has launched a brand new initiative that makes choosing and buying travel insurance far easier for all travelers. InsureMyTrip’s Customer Ratings & Reviews (R&R) program marks one of the most significant updates in the innovative company’s eleven year history, and establishes InsureMyTrip as the only customer-integrated travel insurance buying platform on the web today.

“Ratings & Reviews is a very special and exciting extension of our long standing ‘customers first’ philosophy,” explains Jim Grace, President and CEO of InsureMyTrip. “From introducing our user-efficient insurance comparison model to only providing the highest quality products and plans from the nation’s leading providers, we strive 24/7 to meet our customers’ needs and reward them for placing their trust in us.”

Ratings & Reviews provides a unique lens on the travel insurance marketplace not available on any other site by offering an exclusive space for travelers to have an open dialogue and information exchange with a community of protection-conscious peers like themselves. “Since we first asked our customers to submit reviews two months ago, we have received an overwhelming response of nearly 3,000 reviews,” continues Grace. “Clearly, people are eager for the opportunity to share and benefit from the experiences of other like-minded travelers. Our Ratings & Reviews system is giving travelers exactly what they want.”

By combining expert assistance from licensed travel insurance representatives with peer-to-peer ratings and reviews discussions, InsureMyTrip provides the ultimate and consummate research and buying experience. Ratings & Reviews plans are ranked one (low) to five (high) stars by actual customers with an open review forum where all visitors can participate in critical conversation.

“Now for example, Traveler Jean from Detroit can learn what other cruisers like her recommend for protecting her upcoming Caribbean cruise,” explains Grace. “With the support of our professionals and affirmation from the R&R community, InsureMyTrip customers can count themselves among the most well-informed and confident travel insurance buyers in the world.”

To join our new Customer Ratings & Reviews community simply visit and begin reading and reaping the rewards immediately. “As of the launch of the new Ratings and Reviews feature, the plans we sell have an average rating of 4.25 out of 5 possible stars,” says Grace. 97% of reviewers would recommend the policy they purchased to a friend or family member, and among those travelers who had to file a travel insurance claim, 84% would recommend their policy.

At you can also review, rate, compare, analyze and purchase travel insurance from all the leading U.S. travel insurance companies in a completely secure environment, or call (800) 487-4722 to speak with a licensed travel insurance professional. Whether you simply need one question answered or want step-by-step assistance selecting coverage that’s right for you, InsureMyTrip’s expert Customer Care representatives are available to help.
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About InsureMyTrip:

Established in 2000, InsureMyTrip is a leading online travel insurance aggregator worldwide. Featuring insurance comparisons from the top industry providers, InsureMyTrip is a one-stop resource designed to meet travelers’ comprehensive insurance needs all in a secure environment. Enhancing the insurance buying experience, InsureMyTrip features a Customer Ratings & Reviews community forum for traveler feedback, discussion and information exchange. InsureMyTrip also specializes in providing custom retail and wholesale travel insurance solutions in the education and mission travel markets. InsureMyTrip is headquartered in Warwick, R.I., with additional offices and data centers in Connecticut and Oregon.

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